The most crooked pub in the country is looking for a new owner

    The most crooked pub in the country is looking for a new owner

    When we say ‘the UK’s most crooked pub’ we mean it literally – think of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, for example.

    for “pub more crookedfollower United kingdom Do we perhaps mean that it is the pub from which generally the highest number of heavily intoxicated (and therefore, in a sense, crooked) customers generally come out? No, not at all — we mean it quite literally. A bit like the Leaning Tower of Pisa here. We refer to Twisted House (a name that roughly translates to “The Crooked House”), located in Dudley, England, is a quirky place that has earned a certain reputation for being… well, for being crooked. The good news is that if you have a passion for extravagance, you can buy it and become its full owner: offers start from a base of 675 thousand pounds.

    The UK’s Most Crooked Pub: The Strange Story of The Crooked House

    A beer at the pub

    How do you say? This is a somewhat overrated investment for a sector that goes through the channel with nobody calamity more difficult From recent memory, with pub and pub closings recently growing by 180%? Come on, what would it be – you want to put it down with the satisfaction of being the proud owner of a (however twisted, we must admit) piece of history that has quenched thirsts and fed the hungry for so long 200 years old this part?

    “We are worried about future From The Crooked House because in these parts we have seen many pubs close forever,” he explained to the Times Microphones Jim Knowlson, regular customer. In short, joking aside, we did not invent the crisis. the Charm One of the most crooked pubs in the UK, however, it is totally authentic.

    “This is an opportunity to become more innkeepers crooked It’s over drunk Nelson explains again, with a hint of pride in his voice. In short, it has a certain charm. Hence it is a real piece of date! “

    According to Discover Britain, the left side of The Crooked House is 4 feet lower than the right, so that “marbles seem to roll on flat tables, while right angles It’s a rare commodity: the windows are all 16 degrees off-center, more than twice as high Pisa towerSuppose here that maybe if you are a system geek or sufferer labyrinthitis Not the place for you.

    Christie & Co., the company that handles the sale of the place, thinks the magic of the place will be Adequate to save him from difficulty Crisis: Noel MoffittAnd said senior manager of the company’s bars and restaurants at Christie’s & Co Upbeat He says The Crooked House has “enormous potential”.

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