The message to parking assistants

    The message to parking assistants

    individual protest Active Neighborhood Committee in Senecio District: It has been “discontinued” in Borges Road for some time A car in complete abandonment. Its provenance is uncertain: it is possible that it was stolen, possibly to be used in some raids. Or it could simply have been left to “die” because it was defective, ineffective, or simply no longer appreciated.

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    In addition to being a repository for dust, dry leaves and other materials accumulated on the bodywork and windows, The windshield was soon filled with sheets used by parking assistants to enforce fines. In fact, the car is located on a stretch of road where parking is prohibited. Hence the decision of some members of the neighborhood committee to adopt an individual protest, and left – they too – Two sheets under the windshield wiper contain a message for parking aids.

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    Identical feel, different tones. The first is much more spiritual, as there is also talk of fines being placed ‘inappropriately’ and one is invited to use one’s head, opting for a more sensational formula. The second is more formal, with the auxiliaries to stop addressed as “gentili” e.g Their “cooperation” is required to remove the car. However, removing an abandoned vehicle, as we know, is often easier said than done, especially if it was “only” parked illegally. There is, however, the possibility of reporting an abandoned car to the municipality: a first step, probably, that the animators of the Cenisio Commission have already put into practice.

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