The Masked Singer April 15 Duet, Masks, Valeria Marini

    The Masked Singer April 15 Duet, Masks, Valeria Marini

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    Saturday April 15th from 21:30 am opinion 1the semi-finals aired The Masked Singer. The program is hosted by Millie Carlucci. Judges with her Flavio IncinaAnd Serena BurtonAnd Christian De SicaAnd Francesco Faccenti And Vat Zanicchi. Seven Masks are still in the game and one of them must leave the program immediately: in fact, at the beginning of the episode, the outcome of the playoff between a star And black squirrel. Whoever loses is exposed.

    no The Masked Singer April 15, guests Tulio Solinghi And Massimo LopezHowever, she is suspected of having different personalities. In addition, many duets are performed in live broadcasts: meta with donkey, Cousins from the country with Sharks, Evan Spain with Knight of VeniceAnd Vat Zanicchi with curly, Flavio Incina And Francesco Faccenti with hamster. Anna TatangeloFinally, he performs with the person who wins the aforementioned playoff.

    The Masked Singer of the April 15 Scoiattolo Nero is Valeria Marini

    Begins The Masked Singer April 15th. We start with the playoff score. a star He claims:I owe everything to my momThen lead with cicadas And The night flies. Everyone doubts it Simon Ventura. Click all black squirrel:”I give you many stellar kisses’ and then executes You start making love, hype And Congratulations. A standing ovation for Rafaela Cara. The judges are convinced of this Valeria Marini.

    The home crowd clears black squirrel. The mask should be exposed, but there are unspecified technical problems. Take advantage of it Vat Zanicchi a joke. After endless minutes of chaos, we’re finally moving on: black squirrel And Valeria Marini. no The Masked Singer From April 15th in the studio Tulio Solinghi And Massimo Lopez. The two clearly deny involvement: comparisons, on this show, are futile.

    The match, in the semi-finals, is divided into three one-on-one challenges. The loser goes to the ballot and the winner is automatically in the final. I between hamster And Knight of Venice. Begins hamster:”I’ve worked with Iva Zanicchi“. Implement Oh Sorato Namorato With Facchinetti and Insinna. The jury agrees Natalie Guettaexcept for Facchinetti and De Sica who kept saying Francesco Paolantoni. He follows Knight of Venice:”I didn’t sing in Sanremo, but I did something very unusual for meHe sings Easy lady with Evan Spain. For Francis it is Alexander Eggersays Cristian, Flavio and Serena Samuel Byron. The jury and the audience are at home keeping hamsterand thus one of the finalists.

    Other challenges

    The Masked Singer April 15 continues with Sharks against curly. He is the first to get to the stage Sharks:”You are all on the high seas. When the program ends, I would like you to have only one hour. Among my passions is football: I support a team that does not perform badly, but can do better. duet with Country cousins on spiritual. De Sica assumed Henry BrignanoFacchinetti thinks it is Teo Tecoli. Others confirm Tulio Solinghi. It’s time to curly:”I was born in JanuarySing along with Zanicchi Song. The latter, Francesco and Christian are considered both nick, But Flavio and Serena say so Massimo Lopez. The save mask is that of curly.

    to The Masked Singer comes the Masked for one night: After a long variety, they appear on stage linen And Rosanna Banfi, who were touched by Remembering Lucia Zagaria. The ultimate challenge between donkey And a star. Begins donkey:She danced on Dancing with the Stars and got good results“. Lead go away love with meta. Chose Bortone and De Sica Tulio Solinghibut Zanicchi, Facchinetti, and Insinna think it is Nina Frasica. He follows a star:Thank you! A while ago, I was the protagonist of the entire universe.” column Be a woman with Anna Tatangelo. The five investigators agree Simon Ventura. Wins donkey, Which he thus achieves hamster And curly in the end.

    The Masked Singer April 15, Final Playoff

    no The Masked Singer On April 15th there is a final playoff between the three personalities who lost their matches. They perform again – the first is Knight of VeniceThen there is Sharks And a star. At one o’clock in the morning, I’m already ten minutes late, i Country cousins they suggest Letter 22a piece in which they competed San Remo Festival. The mask saves Knight of Venice. And there is not even this evening a final reveal of the mask: in fact, the director is announced in the final next Saturday. The Masked Singer April 15th ends here.

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