The markets rally may have already begun: is the worst behind us?

    The markets rally may have already begun: is the worst behind us?
    Recovery may already have begun

    The rally could have already

    Stock markets are always thinking in a calm spirit, and are always moving forward. Some say that prices are driven by strong hands. A move is made by the majority of buyers and sellers. So, if strong hands are in the majority, he will justify himself sooner. Wall Street proceeded in a pattern that in the historical series resulted in increases in 90% of cases. Now other markets seem to agree, too. Setup Expired Today: The rally in the markets may have already begun. Is the worst behind us?

    March, according to statistics

    Month He walksis that October are those in which there is a higher probability that a downward movement by several percentage points. During the same month, one can attendThe beginning of a new bullish phase. Again this year, we have no reason to believe that the script can’t repeat itself!

    The markets rally may have already begun: the levels to watch

    Today’s setup may have left the worst behind and this phase is archived by fears that the international banking sector could implode.

    We continue to stress that at the statistical level at the end of the twenty-seventh month of the new decade, the world stock exchanges should have made a distinction Bottom ten yearsFrom now on, Wall Street must take over rudder movements.

    At exactly 19:45 on the trading day on March 27, we read the following prices:

    DAX futures


    Eurostoxx futures


    Future Ftse Mib




    What are the levels to watch for Tuesday?

    We must continue to closely monitor the declines that occurred on March 24th. For now, with the exception of Wall Street, As for the other analyzed markets, it is too early to say that the correction has been archived.

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