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The Maneskin and Social Video with Iggy Pop: Is Collaboration on the Horizon?


Manskin E Iggy PopWhat is cooking in the pot? The Romanian group posted a surprise on social media Video Where they greet each other with “rock iguana”, which immediately aroused the curiosity of Italian fans and others.

What are Damiano and Partners up to?

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In the clip, Iggy Pop greets the four boys with a very Italian “hello”, and then leaves the video call. Few fragments of a distant encounter between the young phenomena of Italian rock, already loved all over the world, and the legend itself, the sound of revolutionary pieces like lust for life NS I’m a passenger.

The Maneskins in the studio, Iggy Pop in the office. At one point, a text written by the Eurovision 2021 winners appears: “Watch this. Soon Iggy Pop”, i.e. “Watch it, soon Iggy Pop”. Clues pointing to an upcoming collaboration with the voice of the Stooges.

Maybe it wasn’t just Iggy’s resounding success that caught Iggy’s attention shut up and good, but also Maneskin’s latest powerful single, I want to be your slave, which is literally cracking in the United States.

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