“The majority of the non-white planet is with Putin.” Dramatic Scenarios – Libero Quotidiano

     “The majority of the non-white planet is with Putin.”  Dramatic Scenarios - Libero Quotidiano

    “The majority of people, non-whites, support Russia’s position in Ukraine”: This is the message that the leader of a large African country wrote on Twitter. mention it Federico Rambini In his editorial today on Corriere della Sera. The message – continues the journalist – refers to all those countries that decided not to apply economic sanctions to Moscow. It includes most of Asia, including the Middle East; Africa and Latin America,” writes Rambini again.

    Among those who refused to “punish” Moscow, for example, the turkey Who is a member of NATO? Israel and Saudi Arabia, which among other things has “enjoyed essential US military assistance for decades”. But, Rambini continues, Biden’s biggest disappointment would have come from India: “Narendra Modi’s Hindu-nationalist government was taking a strategic approach toward the United States in an anti-Chinese function. However, he did not feel that he was spoiling relations with the other neighboring superpower, Russia.”

    In short, it will be the tsar far from isolation. It is true that those who oppose it account for the majority of global GDP. But certainly not “the majority of nations, nor the population”. “And if the predictions about the future of the planet – economic and demographic – are correct, then the ‘world of the third millennium’ is on the other side, not ours,” the journalist comments in was running. The closeness of these countries to Putin is explained by the fact that “what we once called the Third World was his target.” Great interest from Beijing as well as from Moscowwith investments to replace our investments.”

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