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“The line with the feet,” Arsene Wenger’s idea is rocking football

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A few days before the annual conference of IFAB, the international body responsible for studying any changes or innovations to the rules of football, the proposal – presented by Arsene Wenger – To change modalities Line: It is no longer always and only done with the hands, but – in certain circumstances – also with the feet. Last year, the former Arsenal coach was tasked with studying potential changes to international regulations to update them to the typical features of modern football, making it increasingly dynamic and spectacular.

Among the changes suggested by the Alsatian technician, one refers to The line, at least in part of the field, to reduce the misfortunes of those who strike them. Its hypothesis is based on data collected accordingly Often times the team that benefits from a squad is at a paradoxical disadvantage, and ends up losing the ball in the vast majority of cases. “Five minutes after the end, the throw-in should be an advantage in your favor – and this is Wenger’s logic – while you find yourself in a similar situation there are only nine players on the field versus ten of the opposing team. Eight cases, also because you are forced to use your hands, and whoever receives the ball is always under the supervision of the defending team. ”

Hence the suggestion to change – at least partially – the rule of line: “Half of you should have the opportunity to take the throw-in with your feet. It will also be a way to make the game faster and more exciting, as it allows the possibility of making a facial reflection in a few moments. ” Kind of a corner kick along the outside, albeit limited to your own half of court, or a side soccer foul.

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