The leaked images are correct, but they are from an old Dusk Golem show –

    The leaked images are correct, but they are from an old Dusk Golem show -

    The first pictures of the alleged Silent Hill 2 Remake It appears to have been leaked online, with some leakers like Andrew Marmo reporting it on Twitter, referring to what the game should look like. Bloober team Developed in collaboration with Konami.

    As befits some Pictures “leak”It’s obviously very low quality, and covered in huge graffiti that’s hard to understand. Everything is by regulations, including the fact that they can be removed at any moment, so watch it (or at least try to do it) before it disappears ( this is the address All three should be visible on ResetEra).

    In contrast to the images that have appeared previously, which appear to be related to studies of settings, details, and artwork, they appear to be derived from PlayYou also see the protagonist from behind (Harry Mason or James Sunderland, depending on whether it’s the first or second remake) taken from the game’s moments.

    The shot feels like a typical third-person shooter from behind the protagonist, who finds himself exploring appropriately desolate places, in quintessential Silent Hill style. The resolution is really too low for you to understand something, but at least the atmosphere seems to be going in the right direction, while the setting seems to resume the traditional setting but with an update towards that also created through Resident Evil remakes.

    All this will be part of the rumor that the new Silent Hill will be announced in September, possibly during the 2022 Tokyo Game Show, given that Konami has talked about the return of the much-loved series on that occasion. Obviously, it could also be a simple fake and it wouldn’t even be the first time for the topic in question, though the fact that Silent Hill is in development at Bloober Team, creator of The Medium and Layers of Fear studio, seems almost certain.

    Modernization: According to well-known leaker Dusk Golem (also known as Aestethic Gamer), the shared photos are real, but they are not the final product. In fact, these images appear to have been taken from a demo created by the Bloober Team, with no real budget behind, to show Konami the idea of ​​the team in order to remake Silent Hill 2. The game would not be what it appears in these images. In short, what is being shared is interesting but does not give us any information about the game according to the leaker.

    Tell us, what do you think of the Silent Hill 2 remake?

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