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The law restricting the right to vote in Georgia

The law restricting the right to vote in Georgia

In Georgia, one of the states in the United States where President Joe Biden won the November elections By a small margin And its electoral results Been disputed By former President Donald Trump, a new election law has been passed that Democrats say will worryingly limit access to the vote, especially for African Americans.

The law was passed by the local Congress, a majority Republican, and then signed by Governor Brian Kemp, himself a Republican. It has various restrictions. For example, it requires a more complex definition requirement for Vote by mailFor now, while the signature suffices: Democrats say it will make voting more difficult for low-income people, who often do not have identity documents in the United States. The law also restricts the use of private mailboxes that facilitate voting and states that giving food and water to people who queue to vote – in the seats of the African American community there are often very long lines – is a crime. According to Republicans, the new rules prevent fraud and make voting safer.

Biden described Georgia’s new electoral law as “an atrocity” and an “attack on the constitution,” and likened it to what he called Reading “Jim Crow”After the abolition of slavery, it allowed apartheid in the southern states. Biden also said the Justice Department would review the law.

While Brian Kemp was busy signing the law, some Democratic politicians protested outside his office. Local MP Park Cannon, an African-American woman, was arrested after she tried to knock on the door of her office. She was then released, but in the meantime, photos of her arrest on social media were compared to pictures of the arrests of many African-American activists in the years of civil rights struggle.

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