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The Last of Us themed PS5 is beautiful, but the fan comments are comic – Nerd4.life

The Last of Us themed PS5 is beautiful, but the fan comments are comic - Nerd4.life

PS5 in The Last of Us 2
PS5 in The Last of Us 2

Game consoles have always received many different updates and special releases during their life cycle designed to celebrate the most important games released over the years. PlayStation 5 is still very early in its “career”, so no special editions have been produced. A fan then decided to solve “the problem” and create one PS5 in The Last of Us: As you can see above, it’s nice, but users didn’t miss the opportunity Comment in a comic way (If not directly sarcastic.)

In fact, the photo you see has been shared via Reddit by user ZeevoYT. In a few hours, the most voted comments were the ones that poked fun at Lack of PS5 stock. One of the first things we can actually read is “The Last of PS5s”. In response, a second user says “The last American PS5, and much more in Europe”, Or “another American PS5, but much more in Europe,” which leads to a wordplay between “we” (we) and “the United States” (the United States).

The jokes continue with several puns, such as The Last of Stock. Aside from the jokes, the picture shared by this Reddit user is incredible. The PS5 respects this The Last of Us game’s style in a simple but effective way: Instead of focusing on characters, the console has been repainted to It looks like a brick wall covered in moss, Indicating the decline of Naughty Dog’s gaming civilization. We can then see writing The Last of Us on the side and the central part. Finally, the symbol of lights (fireflies, originally) is not missing.

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Some Reddit comments worry that this PS5, The Last of Us, can’t be used due to too much paint That would encourage overheating. In any case, the result is incredible. Finally, we’re pointing out that new stocks of Sony console sales increase Spider-Man, the UK ranking last week.

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