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The Last of Us revealed the number of episodes of the HBO series!

The Last of Us revealed the number of episodes of the HBO series!

HBO series su سلسلة the last of us It’s finally starting to take more concrete lines: After the names of the actors who will face Joel and Ellie in the show inspired by the popular video game saga, in fact, new and important details about the series written by Craig Mazin have been revealed in these hours.

While Gabriel Luna shows us some New photos from The Last of Us collection Witness the progress of filming the last episode of the same podcast Craig Mazin She revealed how many episodes the first season of the series will consist of, which is set in the post-apocalyptic world that players around the world know and love.

According to what Mazen revealed, he is 10 episodes The duration is not yet clear (the type of product, however, allows us to imagine episodes between 40 and 60 minutes) meanwhile, everything is still muted as to how many seasons HBO intends to produce, but for this we imagine there will be a wait.

10 episodes of will is enough Say an important piece From the story of The Last of Us? At what point will this highly anticipated first season end? We’ll only find out in a while. In this regard, let’s try to understand together What will be the plot of The Last of Us And how it might differ from a video game.

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