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The Last of Us Part 3 on PS5? Naughty Dog wrote the first draft of the plot

  The Last of Us Part 3 on PS5?  Naughty Dog wrote the first draft of the plot

On the possibility Watch The Last of Us: Part 3 arrives on PS5Game director Neil Druckman It was initially voiced in the fall of 2020, but now important updates have arrived.

I recently got involved in a podcast Scenario regardlessFace Obedient dog Mainly discuss the writing process The last part of us 2, Just to indulge in a very interesting anticipation of possible Our Last: Part 3. “I don’t know how much we want to expect, – Druckmann started – But Haley Gross and I [co-sceneggiatrice di The Last of Us: Parte 2] We wrote the first topic, Who – which It is not currently under development. Nevertheless, I hope he can one day see the light, and explore a little bit of what happens after The Last of Us: Part 2. We’ll see. ” In this first rough plot of a PS4 sequel, Naughty Dog unfortunately didn’t provide further details.

Neil Druckman also revealed this There was a lot of discussion internally at Naughty Dog On whether or not to make “The Last of Us”: Part 3. The director explained that projects of this nature really require a lot of time and energy, with the second part keeping him occupied in fact for 7 years. For this reason, he explains, it is essential that the team bewith a great happiness“From the idea of ​​the sequel.”When we finish one of our great titles, – Spiga Druckman – we take Long time to explore different ideasWhether it’s The Last of Us 3, something new, or an old series we want to revive. I’d love to fully explore all of these possibilities and then say, “Well, we have all these ideas available. As a team, what do we want to devote ourselves to? Because it’s such a big commitment – money, time, passion, talent – so it’s right to consider all the alternatives“.

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At the moment, therefore, prof Our Last: Part 3 for every PlayStation 5 It is not under development, but it is not unlikely that it will see the light in the future. Meanwhile, The Last of Us: Part 2 won over 300 GOTYs.

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