The Last of Us Part 1: Patch is available and fixes several issues

    The Last of Us Part 1: Patch is available and fixes several issues

    The Last of Us Part 1 For PC just received Patch, an update It solves many problems The game in terms of performance, crashes and interface, with some fixes also intended for the Steam Deck version.

    This is the second of two The Last of Us Part 1 collections announced by Naughty Dog this week; Most substantial, based on a fairly rich changelog, also includes a change in the options screen for a more accurate representationvideo memory usage.

    list for the changes He mentions a whole series of anomalies, of varying severity, which seem to relate particularly to the behavior of the drawings on certain occasions but which also involve many accidents. As mentioned, there are some fixes that are specific to the Steam Deck release, which won’t get you the awaited certificate until later.

    If you’ve read our review of The Last of Us Part 1 for PC, you’ll know that the extraordinary new installment that Naughty Dog made in collaboration with Iron Galaxy presented itself at launch in never-better-than-great circumstances, notably becauseBad optimization.

    The fierce controversy this situation sparked, which always translates to a large amount of negative reviews on Steam, prompted the development team to work overtime to try and fix things as quickly as possible.

    The abundance of updates distributed a few days after the game’s release confirms the intent to solve many of the reported problems, but apparently it would have been better to carry out these operations prior to publication, to avoid reputational damage that could not be repaired with a patch.

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