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The Last Guardian on PS5 at 60fps is fun for Digital Foundry – Nerd4.life

The Last Guardian on PS5 at 60fps is fun for Digital Foundry - Nerd4.life

The last guard It’s one of the most controversial games of recent years: despite its indisputable charm, the long and difficult pregnancy left some scars, especially from a technical point of view. The numerous corrections that followed have fixed many of the problems of the first day, but only now, thanks to strength PS5, We can totally enjoy this amazing adventure. In fact, the PlayStation 5 is capable of running The Last Guardian a 60 fpsOne thing that makes the game “fun” even for Digital Foundry techs.

In the last video, which you can find at the bottom of the news, the English company has thoroughly tested the Version 1.0 By The Last Guardian. The only one, as we said a few weeks ago, is capable of working with an open frame rate. For this reason, DF testing was conducted on The Last Guardian disc version on PS5, which is the only release available without patches.

That way, if on the one hand you give up the original 4K and HDR and many fixes for gaming and gaming performance, on the other hand, you can use 10.28TF from PlayStation 5 to be able to play on 60 fps steady. Some dips remain in the late stages of the game, but The Last Guardian never drops below 50 fps.

The result is a decidedly fun game, able to show the true potential of Ueda’s business. The PS5 managed everything to run so smooth that one wonders if one of them will arrive The official correction From The Last Guardian, which combines the performance of version 1.0 with the power of post-patches and fixes.

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