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    (ANSA) – MILAN, Dec 29 – The shareholder meeting of Banca Popolare di Sondrio approved the transition to a spa by 2,517 votes to 38 against, with 39 abstentions, 16 votes not counted.

    The Valtellinese Institute is the latest co-op to comply, after little resistance, with a reform approved by the Renzi government in 2015, which requires grassroots companies with assets of more than €8 billion to become joint stock companies. Even in the memorandum announcing the result of the shareholder vote, he did not fail to stress that farewell to the cooperative form was a “mandatory choice”.

    “Reinforced by our solid founding values, we look to the future with confidence, and are strongly committed to continuing to carry out our business effectively, for the benefit of clients and all stakeholders,” said President Francesco Venosta. “For us and everyone who has supported the Bank so far – continued – it is a matter of pride to present ourselves at today’s date, and to be able to boast a long history of balanced and profitable organic growth, which has contributed to the development of the lands in which we have settled over time, participating in social growth and economics of the societies to which we belong.” (Dealing).

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