The importance of «May 1st» Labor Day

    The importance of «May 1st» Labor Day

    May 1 is an important date in many countries of the world, when all workers are celebrated, and it is no coincidence that it is known as International Workers’ Day or Work day.

    It is a day dedicated to workers’ rights, through events and meetings in which all the struggles of the trade union movement for better working conditions and fairer wages are remembered.

    On this occasion, many political and entertainment events were held to emphasize the importance of Labor Day.

    Labor Day Origins

    The roots of May Day go back to the 19th century, when the labor movement was just emerging and struggling for better working conditions, including reducing working hours to eight hours a day.

    It was exactly on May 1, 1886 that thousands of workers in the United States mobilized in a general strike demanding an eight-hour day.

    Known as the Haymarket Uprising in Chicago, Illinois, this event became an iconic moment in the history of the labor movement, and later Labor Day became associated with the workers’ struggle for their rights.

    What is celebrated on Labor Day?

    Therefore, May Day celebrates the solidarity and unity of workers of all nationalities and professions, who come together to remember and celebrate the successes achieved at great cost by the first labor movements.

    This is why there are many events on this day of the year with speeches, debates, art shows and concerts, providing an opportunity to come together and celebrate unity among workers and promote social justice.

    May 1 is also for sharing cultural identities

    May 1st also becomes an occasion for exchanges between the different cultural and traditional identities of the community. This is why events such as concerts, dance and theater performances have become the ideal moments to promote respect between people and workers through entertainment and entertainment.

    There are still many unprotected workers in the world

    However, it is good to remember that in different countries of the world, the basic rights of many workers, who are often exploited and underpaid, are not recognized, starting with women and children.

    Therefore, above all, we must continue to fight for workers’ rights and for a job that gives dignity to every human being. And not just on Labor Day, but every day! (Editing Team)

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