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The Iliad is close to the landline. It is one of the managers who demand portability

  The Iliad is close to the landline.  It is one of the managers who demand portability
Iliad release fibers

New evidence these days of the arrival of the Iliad in the landline. As has often happened in recent years, competitors’ internal IT systems often confirm the arrival of a new player. Several users reported that – Apparently – The Iliad player could have appeared in the list of the fixed operators for which it is now possible to request portability.

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That the Iliad will soon land in Fixed fiber telephony it’s the truth. News and no longer a rumor, has been confirmed by the Italian CEO on several occasions Benedetto Levy. However, for the official arrival, there is no real date if not a general reference to “by the summer of 2021”. Many times here on 4Fan.it we assumed leaving by MayMonth, Iliad has already used to launch theMobile display.

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Colleagues Smart world H MondoMobileWeb However, I mentioned in the last few hours that the Iliad will now be close to launch precisely because, within the systems of some competitors, the Iliad will already be indicated as a potential manager of the order. The possibility of transferring the number. This is the number transfer process that allows you to activate a new operator for your line, while maintaining the same phone number.

In recent weeks, the Iliad was also to conclude the process Recruitment To complete the team of technicians who will manage the Iliad fiber optic network from the company’s headquarters, which – as we now know – will rely on the open fiber infrastructure.

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Do you think the debut of the Iliad in the field of fibers is possible in May? When do you think the best time to launch new services might be?

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