The hook on the handle of the petrol pump is very important: if you use it, you will save money

    The hook on the handle of the petrol pump is very important: if you use it, you will save money

    Many notice it when they go for petrol but few know what it is really for. This is the true function of the hook on the dispenser’s pump handle. Knowing this, you can save money

    When we go to refuel, many of our movements are almost automatic and habitual, and sometimes we tend not to think about some details that could be very helpful in making the whole process even. easier. In this case, we want to focus on a small feature of the petrol pump that many will definitely notice and that very few people know about the real function.

    The hook on the handle of the petrol pump: function, what is it for
    The utility of the hook on the handle of the petrol pump (

    We are talking about the kind of properly located handle on the pump, Of such immense utility that when you know what is right for you, you will always use it. The fact that only a few people know what it is is related to the fact that in places like gas stations, the movements that motorists make are almost the same all the time and not many people want to “investigate” the possible additional features.

    The hook on the petrol pump handle: what is it for and why is it so useful

    But what if we told you that you can Memorizes? Guaranteed time savings all thanks to this handle. Purpose It is really very simple but very useful, especially when we have to fill up or put a lot of fuel in our car. This forces most motorists to hold the pump in their hands by pressing the plug and wait patiently for the refueling to complete.

    The pump handle prevents the grip of automatic gasoline dispensing
    Refueling during a comfortable stay in the car (

    Well, from today things will change: this handle is actually used to block this socket; in this situationor refueling This will be done automatically to help you save time and energy. It is a great relief on very hot or, conversely, very cold, rainy or snowy days, which can allow you to ‘live’ the process of refueling the car in a better mood.

    For example, try to imagine you’re in Dover in the evening, below zero temperatures Refuel to Your SUV or to a truck, a process that takes several minutes. Thanks to this simple device, you can wait comfortably inside your car until the refueling is finished: it will be enough to move the handle in the ‘blocking’ way of the grip and in this way the pump will continue to dispense with gasoline or diesel until the vehicle is completely filled or until the amount you previously entered is complete.

    Actual times for refueling It won’t differ since the pressure applied by the handle is the same as that of the hand, but in fact you will be able to take care of other things while you wait, greatly improving your times.

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