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The highly elegant ‘lead plant’ is incredibly resistant and perfect for those with a black thumb

The highly elegant 'lead plant' is incredibly resistant and perfect for those with a black thumb

Plants add an extra touch to the home, making them both welcoming and welcoming to live in. However, not all of us have the patience and in some cases the skills needed to care for them. Not to mention, often times even a home doesn’t have the right lighting conditions to survive. But let’s not be discouraged! The highly elegant lead plant comes to our aid directly from the Chinese forests, and is incredibly resistant and perfect for those with a black thumb.

Aspidistra, the indestructible plant

Aspidistra belongs to the Liliaceae family, and is a perennial herbaceous plant. It has bright green, oval-shaped, beautiful bright green leaves. Rise from Rhizoma Starting with long stems that are about 10 cm long and giving life to lush bushes over 70 cm in height. Its flowers are especially original, they grow directly into the ground and bloom at the end of winter. However, it is very rare to see them bloom.


It was awarded the title of flagship plant, precisely because it is practically indestructible. It has the potential to grow and survive where other plants will surely die. Neither lack of light nor water frightens her, however adverse life conditions, it is really hard to die. Having said that, it is evident that to give his best he will need proper care.

Caring for the aspidstra

As mentioned earlier, it is well withstands bad weather, smog and high temperatures in summer and in winter it can easily withstand harsh temperatures within 5 degrees. Being able to choose, avoid exposing it directly to the sun, which can burn the leaves. Shade and partial shade would be ideal conditions for her.

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However, it requires minimal care. Remove wilted leaves and flowers, clean healthy leaves with a sponge and spray with cold water if they are too hot. It needs a pot that is not very large and does not tolerate stagnation of water, so the soil must be well drained. At the base of the pot put some expanded clay, about 2 cm long, and fill the pot with a mixture of garden soil and peat. Water it only when the soil is dry. From April to September, it will be necessary to feed him with fertilizers for green plants once a month. Finally, in the spring period, it is possible to reproduce by dividing the tufts. It is enough to take one part of a rhizome with powerful roots for each part.


Extremely elegant and incredibly resistant, the Lead Plant can be a great gift when you want to encourage and support someone. In fact, this plant, in the language of flowers, has a wonderful symbolic meaning, as it represents the strength of the mind in adversity. No age was more apt for such a message, so it would be a very welcome and auspicious gift.

For some other curiosity about Aspidestra, reader can click this one Link.

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