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The Hexatrek, the longest road in France with a length of 3000 km, is finally finished!


Imagined by Kevin Genest, a trekking enthusiast and inspired by the Pacific Crest Trail in the US or Centro in Italy, the longest trekking route in France has finally been completed, 3,000 kilometers of trails through France’s most beautiful mountains. This route will cross 14 national parks, from the Pyrenees to Vosges, and will be paired with an app to find all the accessible accommodations on your way with just one click. France has 369 GR on its territory and some itinerant roads such as the Camino de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle or Via Alpina – but there are no flights connecting the entire territory. Seduced by the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) in the US, or Sentiero Italia in our Italian neighbours, Frenchman Kevin Genetti wanted to import the concept of treks across thousands of kilometers into France. So, imagine an outdoorsy existence: 3,000 kilometers (originally 2,500 kilometers, finally stretched to enjoy more beautiful trails), from the Pyrenees to the Vosges through the Alps, and Vercors or Cévennes, through 14 walkable nature parks. Anyway, “but I recommend doing it from south to north,” advises Kevin. Hexatrek 47 French GR will join on a unique road filled with the most beautiful landscapes in France, facilitating the practice of temporary accommodation – permitted on 70% of the road. After several months of development, Kevin Ginity announced that he had finished building the entire track. On Monday 6 September, the Hexatrek team also launched a crowdfunding campaign with resounding success: 150% of the target was reached after 24 hours, thus raising nearly €9,000, with an average of €75 per donation, more than Kevin himself had been waiting for. So that money will be used to set up the course, help make a documentary about this adventure, and of course the funding…

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