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The harsh words of a cardiologist in Tottenham

The harsh words of a cardiologist in Tottenham

the disease that afflicted Christian Eriksen during the match Euro 2020 between Denmark e Finland It sparked a lot of reactions, from dread and the Despair On the field and in the stands, even in front of the greats symbiosis from everyone.

In these hours there were many opinions, including doctors, from What can I happen To the midfielder of Inter and the Danish national team, and it is very difficult to understand even for those who regularly follow the health of professional athletes from any sportNot just football. And examples like the Eriksen model can be made by hundreds.

Among those who spoke, in an interview with ReutersThere was a doctor Sanjay Sharma, the cardiologist who followed Eriksen when the Dane, From 2013 to January 2020, was active in Tottenham before reachingInter. Sharma said the footballer didn’t have a Minimal heart problem.

“My first thought was ‘Oh my God, is there something we haven’t seen?'” Sharma said. “But I looked All results tests and everything seemed perfect. Since the day we moved it, it’s been My job is to monitor it And we tested it every year. His tests are up to 2019 They were completely normal. Without obvious heart defects the basic. I can attest to this because I did the tests.”

Then Sharma to the news agency Palestinian Authority express judgments very clear On the continuation of Eriksen’s career: “I am very happy. The fact that he is stable and awake, his outlook will be very good. I don’t know if he will play football again. In no uncertain terms, in fact it is how did he dieEven for a few minutes but he died and will the doctor let him die again? The answer is No. The good news is that he will live, and the bad news is that he is nearing the end of his career, so if he plays another football match at the professional level I can not say. In the UK will not play. We will be very strict about it.”

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