The hacker changed his account name in a sexual crime –

    The hacker changed his account name in a sexual crime -

    KaitlinAmouranthSiragosa has been attacked by another hacker, after the attack on his Discord server that led to the ban of dozens of his fans: someone hacked his account with just dance, changing her nickname to “Twitch Slut”, a sexual offense, apparently did not tolerate the game’s content monitoring system, which cost her ban.

    Amouranth is the most successful streamer on Twitch, which is famous for its contents such as live streaming from Jacuzzi or ASRM from them. The strong sexual connotation of her work has put her on a collision course with a private moral party of gamers, who go out of their way to oppose her and get her kicked out by Twitch and the other social networks she’s on. Just Dance’s Spite is the latest in a long line.

    As Aouranth herself pointed out, we are in the early days of 2022 and have already undergone two account hacks. It’s probably a record for any personality on the Internet.

    But we, however, did not give up and asked her fans to contact the Just Dance account via Twitter with a request to reactivate her account, in order to get all her recordings back.

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