The gym in Via Padova is ready “zero impact in serving schools”

    The gym in Via Padova is ready “zero impact in serving schools”

    While waiting for the indoor pool to be completed, possibly at the end of 2023, another sports facility has opened: the gymnasium on Via Padova, a modern facility. Yesterday morning at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the Mayor of Portmaggiore Dario Bernardi, the Deputy Mayor in charge of Education Francesca Molesini and the Public Works Councillor Michela Begoni crowned the children of primary and lower secondary school accompanied by teachers, including the former Chancellor Giuseppe Alessi, former coach of the SA Club. Ma. Volleyball A3 Marco Marzola (this year in Geetit Bologna), captain of the United for Portomaggiore group Roberto Badolato, metallurgist and president of the Portomaggiore volleyball team Giorgio Marzola, as well as construction manager Luca Mazzavillani. The gym cost €750,000 and took nearly two years to complete; We are not at the level of the pool that has accumulated exaggerated delays, but still a long time, in the wake of delays caused by the negative repercussions of the epidemic and delays in the supply of materials. It is built in the school complex, between the new middle school and the three high school blocks. To make way for the new sports facility, the former gymnasium and caretaker’s apartment were demolished and a high-profile facility was built. “It is a very aesthetically pleasing gymnasium – the mayor Dario Bernardi blows – the N-Zeb building, built with materials that consume almost no energy. It will be used not only for schools but also for the world of associations and individuals. And structurally and reinforces the school campus, without fear of The contrast between the most beautiful in the province of Ferrara, a result that is due to those who have worked through the years to achieve this goal.

    Franco Vanini

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