Home entertainment The Green Corridor for Cultural and Sports Events: Knowledge Bases

The Green Corridor for Cultural and Sports Events: Knowledge Bases


The Green Corridor for Cultural and Sporting Events: Knowledge Bases. useful information.

Green Corridor event
The Green Passage for Cultural and Sporting Events: The Rules (Adobe Stock)

Our guides continue All cases where the green lane applies, base with tampon and stiffener. with the past Decree issued on November 26 On the Green Covid-19 Certificate, in fact, it was not only Super green pass, for every Only vaccination and cure, but it was Extended Green Corridor Application With PadLeave for some cases and some cases.

here we explain How does green lane work To attend and participate in cultural and sports venues Cultural and sporting events. When the basic is required and when the super or augmented element is required.

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The green corridor for cultural and sporting events: the rules

The Strict rules on the green lane Also introduced to Cultural and sporting eventsWhether it is indoors or outdoors. The Super green certificate for immunization or cure only, without a passive board, is also required from December 6 to participate in events, shows, sports competitions and events in general.

Under the new rules, In all places where cultural and sporting events are held, The Closed but also outdoors, in a All the placesWhite, yellow and orange Boost green pass.

Therefore, the buffer will not be enough to go to a concert or to the stadium.

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The new rules relate to: CinemaAnd StageAnd Concert hallsAnd Local people Entertainment, live music and other places anyway keep capacity at 100%.

Also apply to: sports competition venues, gyms NS Phase, With 60% capacity inside NS 75% outdoor.

the only exception Instead, it was planned Museums and galleries. These places and events can still be accessed using green traffic rule, With Tinge, in a The white and yellow area. While in the orange area a strong one is running.

Learn more about the schedule published by the government: https://www.governo.it/sites/governo.it/files/documenti/docuenti/Notizie-allegati/tabella_attivita_consentite.pdf

In the links below, all activities and all places that require the green pass, and how and when to apply the Basic and Enhanced Pass:

Super green pass dicembre
Super Green Pass (Adobe Stock) here

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