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The government and CTS hold the partial opening of the Olympico for the European Championships in June

The government and CTS hold the partial opening of the Olympico for the European Championships in June

the main points

  • In the United Kingdom, the Premier League will partially reopen the stadiums on 17 May
  • Spectators were accepted (not without risk and controversy) in the Netherlands, Russia, China, Israel and the United States
  • In Germany and France, factories are still closed, while Spain is hoping for the third week of April if there is a drop in infections

“The Italian government has requested CTS to provide an opinion, to assess, on the basis of the epidemiological situation and the course of vaccinations, the possibility of providing a limited audience for the European Football Championships that will be held from June 11.” And the news was published by government sources, who confirmed again that the Scientific and Technical Committee will assess this possibility based on the progress of the epidemic. Four matches of the European Championship, postponed last year, will be held in Rome, including the opening match of the event with the Challenge between Italy and Turkey (whose national teams are currently subject to controversy because they have developed two sets of injuries).

In Italy

At the February meeting in Italy, hypotheses emerged to reopen the stadiums in the spring with the entry of a thousand spectators per match, as at the beginning of the season before the second wave. With nine matches to the end of Serie A, it’s hard to imagine a very partial reopening. For the European Championship, according to UEFA guidelines, elevators can be opened with a maximum capacity of 50%. In recent weeks there has been talk of a possible 30% opening for Olympico. ”As for Olympico, we are talking about 15,000 spectators. I think it is an important sign of confidence, not only in football and sports but for the whole country. Health Undersecretary Andrea Costa said: “There is a country that has to start over.” “CTS will define requirements, which will not be just the vaccine. A protocol will be developed. Politics must bear the responsibility for choice and decision making. We are considering an event that will take place in a couple of months. If we are convinced that a vaccination plan can produce results, it makes sense to consider planning events over time. It is a sign that represents the right synthesis between a health emergency that is still in circulation and a policy that must once again be the hero and make choices. “It will require traceability, which allows us to ensure that everyone entering the stadium has the requirements to do so.”

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in Europe

in a United kingdom At the end of February, Boris Johnson presented his plan to exit the lockdown, with an initial maximum capacity of 10,000 spectators established for the stadiums as of May 17 (Wimbledon will be open to the public). in a Holland The Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam reopened its gates on March 27th. Five thousand spectators were able to watch the Netherlands and Latvia match, which is eligible to qualify for the next World Cup, which the host team won 2-0. The test followed the tests already taken during the NEC-De Graafschap and Almere City FC-SC Cambuur matches, with 1,300 people in the stands and only one positive at the end of the two races. On the other hand, the Eredivisie matches continue behind closed doors. in a Spain La Liga hopes to partially reopen after the third week of April. Meanwhile, on April 3, there was supposed to be a 25% turnout of capacity in the 2020 Copa del Rey final between Atlético Bilbao and Real Sociedad. But the government prevented reopening at the last minute. in a Germany Alternatively, the shutdown is in effect until April 18, and the Bundesliga stadiums are expected to remain closed throughout the season. The same goes for the Ligue 1 league. In Turkey, Ataturk in Istanbul was supposed to host 10,000 spectators (15% of the total capacity) for Turkey and Latvia on March 30, but the Scientific Committee prevented the reopening. in a Russia There is a green light only for those already vaccinated (the Zenit Saint Petersburg vaccination is free for those who buy a ticket for matches on their home soil)

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In the world

in a Oceania The elevators are open to the public as also seen during the America’s Sailing Cup. In the United State The NFL Super Bowl was held in front of 20,000 people, while in NBA, the gyms were gradually reopening with a maximum capacity of 20%. Meanwhile, in the Texas Rangers’ opening game, the Arlington MLB franchise, Globe Life Field opened its gates a few days earlier to 38,238 fans, 94.8% of the total capacity (not without controversy over safety). So the US sporting event has been with the largest audience since the start of the pandemic, surpassing the Daytona 500 (just over 30,000 people) and the Super Bowl (24,835). China reopened its doors to the public (in October 60,000 people celebrated the Jiangsu Championships) and Japan, Which wants to extend the experience also to baseball (up to 20,000 admissions) in light of the Olympic Games that local spectators will attend. in a Israel Thanks to the speed of vaccinations, there were 5,000 fans to attend the 2022 World Cup qualifier between Israel and Denmark.

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