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The Giants need more than better than Daniel Jones to beat the Cowboys

The Giants need more than better than Daniel Jones to beat the Cowboys

Daniel Jones is as strong and brave as any of them, willing to play a wound, willing to take the pain and risk of injury for his team. Don’t make him a hero. This is the unspoken pledge of loyalty the Privilege midfielder would be expected to make.

Ellie Manning spoiled the crowd of giants as American football player Cal Ripken Jr. played through a slightly separated shoulder once and planted plantar fasciitis once during his 210-match railroad streak. Just because the giants still believed Jones could be next, Elle Manning, doesn’t mean that anyone who has been under an illusion will appear to play every time there is a match on the table.

Jones missed two games as a beginner with a sprained ankle and missed two games this season due to hamstring and ankle injuries, If you take his words, Will continue to prevent him from being a threatening RPO level and area reading and limited to the pocket back.

It proved difficult enough for Jones when he was in good health to put his team in the finish zone and score points.

Forget for a moment that the Cowboys take on a defensive challenge like the Offensive Giants challenge.

Daniel Jones from Team Giants
Charles Weinselberg / New York Post

With the season at stake on Sunday against the Cowboys, this is no time to expect miracles from Daniel Jones.

It was time for each of his Giants mates and coaches to rally around him in their best game of the season.

Give Daniel Jones help.

“I read Daniel’s comments yesterday,” said Joe Judge on his New Year’s Eve birthday, referring to Jones’ admission of his lack of movement, “It’s probably more meaningful than I would have been with him there. I’ll always keep the player’s health in mind how we call the game. “.

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All hands are on deck.

Talk now with your pads or to your home forever.

Cardinals Jones sacked six times and Six times by crowsAnd this cannot happen against the Cowboys on a day when the Giants, who have scored 26 points in their last three matches and reach 31st at 17.1 per match, may need 24 points or more. Jason Garrett, who called the plays for the first time since 2012, could silence some critics and spoil the New Year’s start for Jerry Jones with the mother of all the game’s plans for a change.

We have to manage it better, we have to throw it better, we have to score more points, and we have to contribute to winning in other ways as well by being more productive, ”said Garrett.

Andy Dalton won’t mention Blamar Jackson, but the crows darted 249 yards against Big Blue, and Ezekiel Elliott (calf bruise) looked much healthier last week than he had been a while ago.

“We need to play our best game,” said this Giants defense coordinator Patrick Graham twice on Thursday.

General Manager Dave Gettleman has forever believed in a strong defensive line, so Leonard Williams, Dolphin Tomlinson and Dexter Lawrence have to do their part to make sure Cowboys attack coordinator Kellen Moore doesn’t feed a hungry Elliott early and often makes life easier to deal with Blake Martinez’s machine, while he promises Edge identification and better handling are critical.

Graham better figured out how to better plan the passing lunge – in 93 combined pass attempts by Keeler Murray, Baker Mayfield and Jackson, the giants scored Kisses by Lawrence Taylor and Michael Strahan.

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Dalton has played in big matches in Cincinnati, even if his playoff record is 0-4, and he has three amigo – Amary Cooper, Lady Lamb and Michael Gallop – who are more exciting than any of Jones’ receptors.

“I think these three men could fit into that classification for being the best team receptor and a great match man,” Judge said.

The Giants knew they needed to start quickly in Baltimore and couldn’t. Jones can’t be put in a position to be asked to play from behind, so it’s essential that Big Blue give him a short field or even the best of scores. During this three-game streak of defeats, the Giants had one takeaway (recover from confusion). Are you listening to Logan Ryan, Gabriel Peppers, and James Bradbury?

“We have to go there and play our best game on Sunday,” Judge said.

It would be very helpful if Jones and Darius Slayton remember the chemistry they enjoyed last season and also in the first Cowboys game, when Slayton (8 muskat, 129 yards) enjoyed his best game of the season, and Garrett was comfortable describing some of the profound things. Shots.

“You will take our best game on Sunday,” said Jones.

Jones’ 41 assists attempt last week was a recipe for disaster. To his credit he didn’t make a spin, but any semblance of Super Bowl XXV’s plan for the Giants to keep a serious crime like this out would be beneficial.

Note the rush stats for the Giants over the past three matches: 78, 74, and 54 yards.

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Consider when the Giants took over the past three games: 22:07, 25:57, and 24:51.

There are no shortcomings of the special teams, either.

Special Teams Coordinator Thomas McGage said, “We have to be at our best when the best of us is needed.”

Last but not least, Jones should be at his best at protecting the ball against a quick 10-point defense during the Cowboys’ three-game winning streak.

“Energy is through the roof,” said Evan Ingram.

It would be better. It should be. From Daniel Jones and from the last football giant in New York.

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