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The Gears of War team helped 343 industries develop – Nerd4.life

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Infinite aura It’s a huge project and 343 industries He needed a lot of support from other teams too, as evidenced by some evidence that seems to point to the fact that Alliance, il team di Gears of War, Get involved in developing games for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC.

Clues come from some personal files Linkedin Of the developers The Coalition, who mention in their biography Halo Infinite, even though it was not part of 343 Industries and as a title developed within the Gears 5 team and others, indicating the existence of cooperation That did not appear officially.

Timur222’s account tweets reveal this meaning: We see in particular the approach of Adam Bowden, an environmental artist now working at Electronic Arts, who also among the projects implemented in The Coalition has listed Halo Infinite in the interior, regarding the modeling of some elements Scenarios And many technological solutions.

The other approach is instead of Hugo Gutierrez Mares, a visual effects artist, who while also part of his alliance is among the projects he has also executed Halo Infinite, in particular regarding Sights and countryside From the game.

inside Xbox Game Studios Collaboration has often been seen between first-party teams at Microsoft, so this is not very surprising, but it is still interesting to note that resources are shared between two teams in specific directory within the Redmond home such as The Coalition and 343 Industries.

On the other hand, it has emerged in recent days that the alliance can have more teams working on at least two projects, so it is clear that it can employ its developers at different addresses at the same time if needed.

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