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The football team that doesn’t want to be photographed

The football team that doesn’t want to be photographed

Appearing in a seasonal docuseries could be a huge help, but the Chicago Bears still don’t want to hear about it.

Professional sports are always looking for new ways to expand their popularity and reach new fans. In recent years, one of the most relevant innovations in this sense has been the docu-series that told football teams, motorsports leagues, tennis tournaments, and bicycle races from the inside. This documentary series is still very interesting because no one has ever told the world of professional sports so closely, and because there are still so many opportunities for teams and leagues to tell. However, there are those who do not want to do something, such as the Chicago Bears football team, which owns it asked Recently, if he wanted to participate in a filming season. His answer was: “I know there are many teams that have compelling stories to tell, and we don’t.”

The best example of the benefits brought by this documentary series, which is now a well-recognized and widely replicated format, relates to Formula 1. The Netflix series campaign to survive Not only has it driven the growth of fans around the world (especially in the United States), but it has also created another way to follow Formula 1, different from the traditional way, with a more fluid and exciting narrative.

Although these are all very modern, the format was designed in the early 2000s for American football. For more than twenty years, the television station HBO has been producing Blows hard, a docu-series that follows and also tells an NFL team in each of its seasons through the somewhat distinctive voice of the narrator, American actor Liev Schreiber. The leading team is selected according to three criteria, with some exceptions: they must not have played in the playoffs for two consecutive seasons, they cannot be coached by a coach in the first year of their contract and they must not be season champions of Blows hard in the previous decade.

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over time Blows hard It has become a tradition for American football and the benefits that the series brings are so relevant that in the absence of automatic applications, the NFL itself can decide, or at least recommend, which team to focus on. There was a lot of uncertainty about the new protagonist this year, given that the four teams that met the criteria are going through rather complicated moments. Among the Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, New York Jets and Washington leaders, the Chicago Bears flatly refused to appear.

Matt Eberfluss, head coach of the Chicago Bears (Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

The Bears are one of the few teams that have never been in it Blows hard, and has long been one of the most disappointing in the NFL. Last year, with 4 wins and 13 losses, they were the worst in the league and had missed the playoffs for thirteen years; Yet they represent the third largest city team in the United States and one of the oldest. The fact that he never considered participating in a season Blows hard Some consider it a symptom of a lack of foresight in the owners, which, in turn, is reflected in the poor results obtained.

There are also those who argue that while these soap operas do not infringe upon the teams’ privacy by showing only agreed-upon content and never compromise, their productions can be a distraction or stressor, especially when things don’t go well. But in the past it has been shown that results still depend exclusively on team work: in this regard, the Detroit Lions are mentioned in 2022, for example, after a disastrous season of 3 wins and 13 losses they returned to positive results (9 wins and 8 losses) just as they were champions of a season of Blows hard.

After the Bears’ recent rejection, a local reporter follows the Chicago team he wrote: «Blows hard It’s a great way to build some positive interest around the worst teams. Lions only benefited, for example. Any team that fears exposure lives in the past.” In the meantime, for the next season of Blows hardHBO and the NFL have named the New York Jets as champions, a team in the United States that’s synonymous with middle power, but is trying to relaunch itself after signing Aaron Rodgers, one of the most popular quarterbacks of his generation.

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At the same time, the series based on Blows hard increasingly spread. Amazon is also getting into it: It started years ago with American football and is now reaching a larger global audience with soccer. Recently, there have been seasons of cooperation with Manchester City, Tottenham, Juventus and Arsenal, and soon it will be Barcelona’s turn.

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