The first unpacked drop from MediaWorld has arrived!

    The first unpacked drop from MediaWorld has arrived!

    Playstation 5 Bundle Drop MediaWorld

    This morning From MediaWorld The first drop of PlayStation 5 has arrived without strap.

    Yes, you read correctly. Even if it was only for a few minutes, the Sony console was Available for single purchase without games, consoles, or anything else.

    This all happened this morning, just before 10:30. With Telegram group users who immediately received a notification of availability. The PlayStation 5 Standard Edition is available for €549.99 and is obviously only available online.


    Unfortunately, quantities were definitely limited, and they sold out in a matter of minutes. So only a very few users, the fastest, were able to buy the console before it was sold.

    While stocks were somewhat limited, this is a fairly large event. This is because It marks a turning point in PlayStation 5 salesif not immediate, starting in the next few weeks and continuing throughout 2023. A very clear sign that the crisis now seems to be over, As Jim Ryan said at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

    Waiting for new drops, we can’t help but repeat the call to Subscribe to the Telegram channel dedicated to offers To always be updated on the best promotions and their availability Play Station 5, Xbox Series X and boards Video Nvidia 40 Series. We made it too A practical guide to help you buy.

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