The first Tasmanian devil to return to Australia 3,000 years ago has given birth to three cubs

    The first Tasmanian devil to return to Australia 3,000 years ago has given birth to three cubs
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    in 2020, “Lisa the Adventure” and ten more Tasmanian devils They have been brought back to New South Wales After about 3000 years of extinction A species in mainland Australia. And now Major Lisa has given birth Three new dogswhich fortunately add the increasing mainland population of this threatened marsupial. Lisa and the other demons who have returned to Australia are part of an ambitious reintroduction project called Australian shipIn cooperation with Answer: WildeAnd Wild Ark And Australian Reptile Park.

    Species Conservation Programme, which also has players of caliber among its certifications Chris Hemsworth And Elsa BatakThanks for re-submitting others Twenty-one adults And at birth Sixteen puppy Altogether, it works well and hopefully it will create an establishment self-sufficient population Which can grow independently over time. And these three new puppies are beautiful Confidence injection to project makers.

    It could actually be 2023 General turning point for the Tasmanian devil reintroduction program, explained the experts, who appreciate it at least Another forty-five puppies He could be born in the coming weeks. “We were in the middle of a routine check-up when they were delighted to discover Lisa had puppies in her pod,” he explained. Tim FaulknerDirector general Australian ship – These are the first confirmed puppies in 2023 and this continues to be proof that our program rewind It worksยป.

    the Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is the largest of the living carnivorous marsupials and was once most widespread on mainland Australia as well. reasons why 3000 years It disappeared so long ago from the continent that it is not entirely clear until today, but its decline seems to coincide with a sudden hiatus. Climate change Especially the expansion of the Indigenous Australians With a dingo in towundoubtedly more versatile and competitive predators than marsupials.

    Therefore, the species has survived not only on the island of the same name, but also there It just doesn’t work well. It is called serious stomach cancer Devil’s face tumor (in English Devil’s facial diseaseDFTD, for short, is currently the only known infectious cancer in the world. Exterminated the species on the islandcausing Ben to drop 90% Of the population. Australian ship Therefore, it also aims to create a healthy, lively, and free from facial cancer community away from the areas of tumor spread, which is the real tumor. Salvation ark For this famous marsupial.

    But the Devils’ return to Australia could also help To control stray cats and red foxes It was introduced by humans, which drove many other endemic species to extinction. What’s more, with their business scavengers It will also help keep ecosystems cleaner, healthier and free of disease. “This is a great example of how extinct species can come back Activate the entire ecosystem – He’s already hung up Janice Chanson to Answer: Wilde This is especially important as it helps combat climate change and biodiversity loss to improve the overall health of our planet. It became the Aussie Ark too a model On how to effectively revitalize ailing ecosystems around the world”.

    Indeed, the Tasmanian devil is not the only species at the center of the ambitious project Australian ship. The organization has plans to reintroduce many other species important to the functioning of Australian ecosystems. Among them are Oriental Qull (Dasyurus viverrinus), the and the brush-tail rocky door (Petrogal penicillata), the Donkey kangaroo rat (Aepyprymnus rufescens), the Long nose (Tridecyllus poturus), the Parma wallabies (Nota macropus parma) and the Southern brown sparrows (Isodun obsolus), and some of these are critically endangered such as the Tasmanian devil.

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