The first day patch also has a 1.02 update, let’s see the details –

    The first day patch also has a 1.02 update, let's see the details -

    elden ring will have a first day correction Which seems to be really very important for you to be able to enjoy the new game from From Software to the full, and this seems to consist of two distinct updates released in one package, with the discovery ofUpdate 1.02.

    In recent days we have already seen the details of update 1.01, but it is clear that the first day will be larger and therefore it is not clear whether the weight that appeared earlier from the PS Store, or about 8 GB of the update, is intended to be greater than reported .

    Anyway, it looks like update 1.02 is just an addition to version 1.01, with potential additional hotfixes for changes implemented by the previous update. These are the details of patch 1.02 as per NB Reported by MP1ST:

    • Some errors in the text have been corrected
    • In addition to the above, other errors have been corrected

    So it looks like an update focused on Bug fixes and issues Miscellaneous, added to what we mentioned earlier for update 1.01, namely:

    • Various functions have been added
    • Improved game performance and ease of use
    • Game balance has been fixed
    • In addition to the above, many bugs have been corrected

    It should be noted, however, that the reviews are practically all based on the Elden Ring version without the patch on day one, however they are all top tier, as well as the Elden Ring review published yesterday.

    Of the software seems to focus heavily on corrections It carried through from the patch to day one, to the point that it asked Digital Foundry to postpone its technical analysis on the game until after the update was applied.

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