Home sport The FIM MiniGP World Series was presented in Barcelona

The FIM MiniGP World Series was presented in Barcelona

The FIM MiniGP World Series was presented in Barcelona

The FIM MiniGP World Series project, the first step riders must take on the road to MotoGP, was presented during a press conference at Circuit de Barcelona on Saturday 5 June, in the middle of a busy weekend that saw the world championships on the Catalan track.

The event was attended by the President of the International Automobile Federation,Jorge Vegas, and managing director of Dorna Sports,Carmelo Ispeleta, on stage by CEO Ohvale,Valerio da Leo, YeahWayne DoranFrom the racing division of Pirelli Motorcycle.

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The FIM MiniGP Global Series Created to unify and standardize competitions MiniGP around the world, with the aim of creating an equal platform for young pilots around the world in order to increase their skills and opportunities. Confederations and Confederations (CONUs) from all over the world can apply to be part of the series.

The top three drivers in each 2021 national, regional or continental competition will be invited to compete in the World Championship race in ValenciaLast date of the season. The winner of the series, by age and location/nationality, will secure a place in one of the . Programs The road to MotoGP To take your career one step further.

during the conference, Jorge Viegas and Carmelo Ezpeleta have revealed two of the OHVALE GP-0 160 bikes that will compete in the final in Valencia. One of the featured bikes carried the colors of the Italian flag, the bike that competitors will have to carry in the 2021 FIM MiniGP Italy Series, while the other wore a livery reminiscent of the Malaysian flag colors of the FIM MiniGP Malaysia Series.

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In fact, theItalyIt is one of the first seven competitions included in the new series launched in April, along with Malaysia, France, the Netherlands, North America, Spain and the United Kingdom, awaiting entry to Alpine Adria, Indonesia, Ireland, Portugal and Qatar. over thereFIM MiniGP Series Qatarwill start at the end2021,So the first trophy to be included in the FIM MiniGP World Championship will be the Cup2022.

The words of Jorge Vegas

“One of the main goals of my state is to allow all girls and boys who want to race in motorcycles to have this possibility, regardless of their financial condition. The FIM MiniGP World Series is the first step on the road to MotoGP, at very limited costs and in a safe environment“, The President of the International Football Association.

“Furthermore, this project directly involves the Nationals and Confederations, and this is extremely important to its success. I would like to thank Dorna, with whom we have worked for some time on this project, for the wonderful collaboration, as well as partners Ohvale, Pirelli and Motul.”

Carmelo Ispeleta: “A project that starts from afar”

“This is a project we started studying a long time ago; when we focused on creating the hierarchical base for Road to MotoGP. We have the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, the FIM CEV Repsol, the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup, the Northern Talent Cup, the Honda British Talent Cup and many more programs in Road to MotoGP but the base of the pyramid is important to be able to get a lot of people racing and in the same competitive conditions.“, Announcing our head.

“For us, this was important from the start, to give the young riders the opportunity to race with the same material and the same capabilities. I would like to thank FIM, Ohvale and Pirelli, as well as Motul who joined us recently. As a partner of the series.”

Reza Giovanni Copioli

The FIM MiniGP World Series is a project involving the National Associations directly. Italy, in association with the Italian Motorcycle Federation, is among the first countries to become an integral part of the project through the FIM MiniGP Italy Series, a competition that forms an integral part of the Italian Junior Speed ​​Championship and the broader Pata Talenti track.“, The head of the International Monetary Fund commented.

“We are all working so that young people have equal opportunities and this road to MotoGP is proof of that. The hope for the future is that there will be some youngsters who grew up in the FIM MiniGP Italy Series in the MotoGP World Championships.”

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