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In the gymnasium only one-on-one lessons and in the pool of 10 square meters per person: these are the main rules established by the Ministry of Sports and validated by CTS to request the reopening of facilities. The document lists all the necessary steps before a decision is taken by the new government. With a premise: not for gatherings, but for sports, especially for children and the elderly. Indeed, scientists write: At this point in a sustainable epidemic, the potential detection of interpersonal gatherings within sports facilities, particularly in closed and confined environments, is being assessed with great concern. But it is especially important to return to the use of physical activities, especially in subjects of growing age, chronically ill individuals and the elderly, where psychological and physical well-being has a fundamental dimension of health.

Reopening intertwined in orange and yellow strips

The proposal to provide for the reopening of an interlocking of various basic and heterogeneous mathematical disciplines, Based on the principle of utmost caution. In particular – as suggested by the Ministry – In the orange zone: In addition to the activities permitted in the “red zone” areas (and thus jogging and other individual outdoor sports), basic individual sports activities are permitted, including water activities, and non-collegiate sporting activities for amateurs in gyms, swimming pools, tensile structures or contact ; In addition, training in contact and team sports is only permitted if it is conducted individually, in accordance with the distance and the prohibition of gathering. Sports and dance activities targeting school-age children are permitted, in line with the school opening. In the yellow area In addition to the activities permitted in the “red zone and orange zone”, training for communication amateurs at grassroots and team sports is permitted.

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Distances of up to 2 meters and 10 meters

During physical activity It is necessary to maintain a minimum personal distance appropriate to the intensity of the exercise, in any case not less than two meters.
For swimming pools, 7 square meters per person was suggested, and CTS instead requested an increase to 10 meters.

No showering

Tools and materials must always be sterilized: it is essential to clean the contact areas for each tool After each user use a suitable sterilization product.
Avoid leaving clothes that are worn for physical activity in common places with others, but put them in backpacks or personal bags, and once you return home, wash them separately from other clothes.
Always drink from disposable cups or specialty bottles.
Dispose of paper towels or other used items (airtight) in appropriate containers.
Use your mats where possible, or if needed for group use, disinfect them before and after your training session.
Do not use the shower.

Masks and dispensers

The obligation of operators to wear the mask correctly (not just equipping it).
– The number of dispensers and the amount of disinfectant gel to be provided must be calibrated not only according to the surface but also according to the number of potential users who can use it. In addition, broadband access must be provided to all crossing points, including the factory entrance, access to changing rooms and services as well as access to various areas.

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