The document that defies the West – Il Tempo

    The document that defies the West – Il Tempo

    A new concept of foreign policy. Thus, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, very syntactically outlined the content of the decree he signed today. The Kremlin leader stressed that “due to serious changes in the world arena, the main strategic documents need to be updated,” adapting them to the growing level of international conflict.

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    Putin said that this “updated concept” will form “the basis of the country’s practical measures in the medium and long term, and will also become a solid doctrinal basis for further work in the field of international relations.” The main provisions of the decree affirm that “Russia does not consider itself an enemy of the West, does not isolate itself from it, and has no hostile intentions,” and that “Moscow is counting on Western countries’ awareness of the futility of confrontation and on a return to equal interaction. But at the same time, “Russia considers Washington’s policy the main source of risks on its international security and peace”, and for this reason “the external primacy is aimed at contradicting the continuing American domination of the world”. For relations and coordination with China and India” represents “the main goal in the” Special Importance. Near Abroad “is to transform the region into a region of peace, good neighborliness and prosperity.”

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    In turn, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov specified that, according to this “new doctrine”, hostile steps towards Moscow would be “severely suppressed.” In particular, the possibility of using armed forces to repel or prevent an attack on Russia and its allies was included in the document. Lavrov stressed that the concept provides for the possibility of symmetrical and asymmetric reactions to hostilities. “The use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation may be aimed at repelling and preventing an armed attack on Russia and/or its allies, resolving crises, maintaining/restoring peace in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions, and other collective security. structures with Russia’s participation, to ensure the protection of its citizens abroad, to combat international terrorism and piracy, ”the document signed by Putin stated. The Foreign Ministry noted that many items of the updated concept will determine Moscow’s foreign policy line “over the next four to six years.” According to Alexei Drobinin, director of the foreign policy planning department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was done so that “our foreign partners, friends and opponents could understand how we will orient ourselves in the near future, and not say, as some people are trying, that Russian politics is unpredictable ».

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