The disaster of opinion, the sad truth emerges: they fired me for this reason – The Democrat

    The disaster of opinion, the sad truth emerges: they fired me for this reason - The Democrat

    A real problem in Rai, the last farewell is up to her. One of the network leaders reveals what happened

    there opinion Continue to surprise more and more. The fluctuations related to the company are always a lot. This time we learn why, a very famous presenter, he was made of. Let’s see who the protagonist is. In opinion, changes are always there. In addition to updating formats often, it is also the providers and contractors who suffer consequences Senior management decisions of the company.

    Raid disaster presenter expelled

    Recently a my knowledge Inherent in the conductor who was Chase from broadcast. That’s what it is. Today we are referring to the faces that took the role of broadcast host your own business. L ‘Previous shipwreckAfter going through an experience in Honduras, a short but intense trip, she is interviewed and reveals some of them my knowledge Somewhat unexpected.

    In particular, the presenter remained very frustrated From resolution From Rai, her role as host has been cancelled. In addition, the woman also admitted that she was not expecting at all behavior that have been reserved for you. But what exactly happened?

    That’s why she was kicked out of the Rai network

    Raid disaster presenter expelled

    Roberta Morrisafter the experience in Honduras as an outcast, de Celebrity Island 2022 By Elari Blasey broadcast on Canale 5. Her stay did not last long, which is why she was not able to define herself as she is. Show all his Truth so is good mind.

    Wish he had one revenge After the treatment allocated to her Rai. Unfortunately, this was not possible for her. Roberta Morris Previously, he worked on several radio programs on Al-Rai Network. In fact, you will remember it on shows like recommendedAnd the the legacyAnd the best years And the your own business.

    there Morris was in delivery your facts From 2018 to 2020. However, this role was pulled from her out of nowhere. a resolution which you didn’t like at all. During an interview with the weekly pi newspaper, Roberta Morris He speaks with an open heart and makes a somewhat unexpected confession.

    “I got upset when I wasn’t confirmed in your facts. I never quarreled with anyone and had to quit the show it left a bad taste in my mouth”. These are the words he wanted Share it with everyone.

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