The decision on blue ticks

    The decision on blue ticks

    After the protests of celebrities, more or less famous all over the world, the well-known social network has announced other upcoming changes

    Protests continued Twitter blue tick. Elon Musk He had announced the news of tick removal to many celebrities, and it is only available to these celebrities Subscription will be paid. After numerous protests, the decision changed: Twitter’s blue check came back on automatically for i Super VIP characters.

    Elon Musk’s action against Cristiano Ronaldo: remove the blue tick on Twitter! the reason

    Elon Musk has other ideas

    It has not been disclosed yet selection criteria, with some specialized sites that talk about accounts with at least a million followers. However, the blue check remains available to anyone who wants to pay To Twitter $8 per month. Removing the free blue tick did not produce the desired results, con Many dignitaries who refused to buy it. Among those re-certified are writer Stephen King, NBA champion LeBron James and former US President Donald Trump.

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