The Deb – Rebel Wilson makes his directorial debut in the Australian musical adaptation

    The Deb – Rebel Wilson makes his directorial debut in the Australian musical adaptation

    The Deep – an Australian musical that has become a cult minor in its home country – will be adapted for the big screen by Rebel Wilson, in his directorial debut. So let’s get acquainted with the first details of the project.

    Rebel Wilson Ready to join the large group of actors who have decided to go to the other side of the camera. the star will debut actually Guidance with deb – adaptation of the Australian musical of the same name, which has become a small cult. project heroes, Natalie Abbott And Charlotte McInnes.

    The Deb – First details of Rebel Wilson’s directorial debut

    Rebel Wilson So he decided to tell a story “typically Australian” his directorial debut, with the aim of making it global and making it known to audiences all over the world. The hero of the movie is Tayla Simpkins, a likable yet outcast country girl from high school who is convinced that the upcoming debutante ball – “The Deb” of the title – is her only chance to rearrange her life and get the recognition she deserves. Although Maeve Tilla’s cousin, “exiled” to Danborn Village, decides to sabotage the dance, deeming it too much. “Heterogeneous”, the young hero still has to find a way to get involved in it, dig into himself and find a meeting point with Maeve – plus a date, of course. Bringing to life this story of self-acceptance and one’s own uniqueness – which has become a true cult in Australia – would be… It consists of emerging young Australian stars. In addition to Natalie Abbott (Taylah) and Charlotte MacInnes (Maeve), Stevie Jean, Tara Morris, Jay Lagaia, and Shane Jacobson also appear. described as “A love letter to yourself, with upbeat, upbeat tunes”And deb It will constitute itself music Also on the big screen and will be inspired by many cult films of the past. To explain the genesis of the show and its most important Sources of inspiration of adaptation is the same Rebel Wilson She also participated in the project as an actress and producer, with Camp Sugar Productions:

    deb It’s my favorite type of movie: full of humor and heart, uniquely Australian but with universal themes. It grew out of my scholarship program at the non-profit Australian Young People’s Theater, a program I’m very proud of and one that’s been incredibly successful (…) I grew up watching Australian classics like Muriel’s weddingAnd Priscilla – Queen of the Desert Hey The first Baz Luhrmann movies. My aim is to create an Australian business that can rival these masterpieces and travel internationally. I know I can entertain and I hope I can move too.

    output from deb Should start in September, in Australia, later For the first time in cinemas during 2024.

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