The Czech Republic has stopped its photovoltaics: it used to produce too much

    The Czech Republic has stopped its photovoltaics: it used to produce too much

    Production of renewable energy sources Lots of energyParadoxical as it may sound, this is what happened in the Czech Republic last Monday, where, Thanks to the low consumption associated with the Easter holidays and sunny weatherCzech solar power plants They produced so much energy that the power grid could not absorb it.

    To prevent possible damage and/or power outages, CEPS [la società statale ceca per l’energia] Solar systems shut down It covers nearly one-sixth of the country’s renewable energy [circa 400 MW].

    CEPS decided to activate the reduction plan after exhausting the normally available operational procedures for controlling the electricity system.said Hana Klimova, a spokeswoman for ČEPS.

    the truth He highlighted the fragility of the country’s electricity gridwhich was missing in it suitable storage systemas Jan Cromash, CEO of the company Czech Solar Societyduring an interview with the Czech News Agency Sesnam zebrafi.

    “What we’ve been saying for some time has been proven. The Czech Republic is not ready for a renewables boom because there is a complete lack of storage capacity”.

    Czech Republic Easter

    Usually the Czech Republic It releases its surplus energy In the border countries, but this option last week It was impossible:

    All countries except Denmark, Portugal and Slovenia were in surpluses.Klimova explained.

    Czech Republic Easter

    Show what happened on Easter how Investments in renewables must necessarily be accompanied by accrual systems; to count Exclusively on the sale of excess energy It is no longer a viable path, because even Neighboring countries may find themselves in the same situation [bassi consumi e surplus elettrico].

    On the bright sideRenewable energy proves Not only to be able to fully satisfy energy needs For a country, but to be able to produce More energy.

    Just as with electric mobility, the arrival of renewable energy sources in our region “energy system” He must take us To rethink and redesign it: the power grid of any country in the world Insufficient to manage the ever-increasing consumption and energy waves produced by renewables.

    Czech Republic Easter

    to do from to bear to avoid Both damage to the network and waste of precious energyare storage systems, whether they are large chemical batteries [come i Megapack di Tesla] and natural solutions, like the water battery from Nant de Drance [Canton Vallese – Svizzera] Or those that exploit Earth’s gravity.

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