The contradictions behind the signature: who is Andrea Agnelli

    The contradictions behind the signature: who is Andrea Agnelli

    resigned president of Juventus, Andrea AgnelliHe has an introverted and emotional personality, with a background of temperamental insecurity that does not allow him to quickly and calmly analyze situations and people, due to his strong emotionality and great sensitivity (see small and crowded handwriting).

    May present some moments of uncertainty affecting its design causing it to make errors in evaluation even in collaborators’ choices (large space between words).

    It is precisely this conflict that can cause him to make mistakes in decisions as he ends up minimizing potential negative effects. In fact, he may be attacked by indecision in some ways, but in others he is fully aware of his own affection, reconnects with his family, and finds figures who serve as his example and motivator. Thus he knows how to implement the manipulative tactics he has learned over many years that he needs to maintain, maintain and defend his high position with all his might. In this sense, he seems very similar to Avocato, who lived almost exclusively for Juventus. Yet he possessed such a heightened sense of self, mastery and a keen sense of reality that he could compare with Giulio Andreotti at least in terms of wit and cunning. Andrea Agnelli, on the other hand, does not possess these qualities, without detracting from his deep and introspective intelligence.

    From the handwriting the contrast between the excellent cognitive skills and the emotional dependence that drives him to seek support is not always carefully chosen due to the aforementioned insecurities. However, in order not to lose the image of the “black and white flag”, he is willing to make risky choices bordering on the impossible.

    Rather, it is in the signature where we can find the desire for a more solid paternity, which would have allowed him to belong fully to the “Agnelli family”. However, it is also true that Andrea, despite a good dose of intelligence and a good background, cannot stand the pressures of an environment in such a constant ferment of emotional vulnerability. He needs to be surrounded by people who, in addition to being on a professional level, also have the human capacity to support him.

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