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The classic SNK returns as a strategist – Nerd4.life

The classic SNK returns as a strategist - Nerd4.life

They announced SNK and DotEmu Metal Slug Tactics, a new show of the historical Japanese series set in a completely different way from the classic seasons, being just one part role strategy.

So it’s a whole new chapter clearly moving in another direction, introducing atactical action And turn-based strategy that looks very close to classics of the Japanese genre like Advance Wars, but also with completely different things.

Among the specific elements of metal slug tactics, for example, we find some typical characteristics roguelikePlus, of course, the characters, environments, situations, vehicles and weapons typical of Metal Slug.

The story revolves around the usual villain Donald Morden who, after hiding for a long time in a country hostile to the World Government, is back in office, plotting a massive coup against which the usual heroes of the series, who return here, must be sided. This new strategic format. On this page you can see the presentation clip shown at Summer Game Fest and a gallery of the first images of the game in question, which will be released in Computer But she doesn’t have one yet Exit date Need.

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