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The boy opens fire and kills him

The boy opens fire and kills him
United States, 19-year-old thief shoots his grandmother at home: The boy opens fire and kills him

A 12-year-old boy shot a thief who broke into the house to steal money from his grandmother. Happened to Goldsboro, at North Carolina (United States of America), Around 1 a.m. on a Saturday. Two robbers broke into the 63-year-old’s home Linda Ellis, And they shoot her in the leg, trying to extort money from her. The nephew of the victim of the robbery, a 12-year-old boy, shot a robber, forcing him to flee. The injured is 19 years old and his name is Khalil herringA few blocks away, he was now found dead and died a few hours later in hospital of his wounds.

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The woman has been hospitalized, but her condition will be fine. However, the other robber lost his track. The local police announced that they were investigating the case, but had not opened any proceedings against the 12-year-old who allegedly acted in “self-defense”. The boy’s personal details have not been revealed, but his gesture is hailed as “heroic” in the Goldsboro community, where his grandmother Linda Iris is famous and popular with everyone.

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