Home sport The boat race between Luna Rossa and Ineos UK has been canceled....

The boat race between Luna Rossa and Ineos UK has been canceled. It starts at 4.20

  The boat race between Luna Rossa and Ineos UK has been canceled.  It starts at 4.20

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4.07 Improved weather in the competition field. Restarting will take about 13 minutes.

4.02 Luna Rossa made a very good impression. The Italian boat was always faster than the British boat. Expected response from James Spithill and Francesco Bruni, showing a competitive boat in all conditions.

3.58 At this point, the storm appears to have left the field and the situation appears to have stabilized.

3.55 The jury announces that the race will resume at 4:20 am (3:20 pm in New Zealand) with the storm expected to leave the course within 30 minutes.

3.53 The wonderful corridor of the Luna Rossa buoy.

3.50 The weather has deteriorated a lot in the last few minutes with winds appearing to be getting more intense, with a gale making the situation more complicated.

3.47 Let’s start at 4.05.

3.46 Despite the race being canceled, Luna Rossa showed incredible strength and potential even in strong winds. This was the expected response from the Italian crew.

3.43 It is necessary to understand what the jury will now decide. The regatta continues to recover. We’ll see what the decisions will be.

3.40 After all the winds changed so much that the boats lost their speed when approaching the second stern mark. Luna Rossa, who had been hoping to find the right prop, made it to the corner of the court. The Italian boat was forced to pass at a very low speed at the mark and so were the British, who in the meantime managed to take the lead. Luna Rossa slowly makes a comeback as Ineos UK decides to leave the field to find the wind, aware of the 50m kick. Given the situation, the jury decided to cancel the regatta.

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3.38 The Regatta is canceled !!!!!! Unbelievable what happened in the last few minutes.

3.36 Ineos UK decided to leave the ring and take the penalty but get back to rhythm!

3.34 Something very special happened! The boats practically turn around the corner of the competition field. With the wind it practically stopped !!!!

3.32 Ineos UK never gave up and thanks to the fun at the right moment Ben Ainslie cut his advantage in half making it less than 300 meters from the Italian boat.

3.30 extends the Luna Rossa again. The Italian boat goes to the second wind mark with an advantage of 44 “!!!

The 3.28 regatta so far is perfect for Luna Rossa who was very competitive even in these windy conditions!

3.26 different choices during the second strike with the Italian crew choosing the left side to extend their superiority over a distance of 400 meters.

3.24 Luna Rossa arrives at the second gate with a 17 โ€advantage over Ineos UK.

3.22 on the competition ground, there are 16-17 knots.

3.21 Outside the buoy, Luna Rossa finds impressive acceleration and is taking advantage of its advantage over the English for 250 meters.

3.19 Luna Rossa at first wind mark 11 inches ahead of Ineos UK

3.17 The two boats cross the competition area horizontally. The gap between Luna Rossa and Ineos UK remains almost 90 meters unchanged.

3.15 Holidays !!!!! Luna Rossa was followed in the lead for a long time by Ineos UK who paid off his penalty.

3.14 penalty kick initially for the British !!!

3.14 1 minute at the start of the regatta. Ineos UK chooses the right of court.

3.13 The pre-departure operations begin, entering Luna Rossa first followed by a few seconds later Ineos UK.

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3.11 It is raining hard, and the winds are very strong. There are about 4 minutes remaining.

3.05 We mention the Prada Cup partial ranking: Team Ineos UK 3 points (3 races), Luna Rossa 1 point (2 races), American Magic 0 points (4 races).

3.00 Todayโ€™s course is wider than the previous one and it will be important to understand how boats acclimatize.

2.57 According to today’s forecast over the Hauraki Gulf, there should be strong winds, as well as the possibility of heavy rain. Obviously, this scenario, if formed, would complicate the work of not only the crews but also the judges.

2.53 Today, races will be held in Field A, for the first time since the inauguration of the Prada Cup.

2.50 Day 3 very important regattas especially for Luna Rossa. The Italian Challenger came out yesterday with a win over American Magic and today it will have to prove that it has good potential even in certain climatic conditions, such as those expected in boat races today.

2.45 Good evening friends OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the third official day of the Prada Cup 2021, the Challenge Series of the 36th American Cup.

Luna Rossa vs Ineos UK: Live match for the finalIneos UK risks being excludedLuna Rossa takes off with 9 knotsPrada Cup program January 17

Good evening friends OA Sports and welcome Live broadcast on the third day of the 2021 Prada Cup competition, Under implementation in Auckland Bay (New Zealand). The final two races of the second round of Robin of the Challenge Series will be held today in Hauraki Bay, valid for the 2021 American Cup Final qualifiers against Defender Emirates Team New Zealand.

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Red Moon He managed to get his first hit yesterday against American magic. The regatta was dominated by the Italian crew returning to the slope Ineos UK Team, Currently with full points with three straight wins. Challenger driven James Spethyl e Francesco Bruni It proved very comfortable in light wind conditions. Today, however, the weather forecast does not bode well with a strong gale that will upend boat plans and could delay the jury’s departure. Wind speed should be around 20 knots, at the regularity limit set at 21.

It will be an important test for Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Which should be firm even in strong winds. Today’s program includes a double Italian boat fight first against the British Ineos United Kingdom Follow-up against American Magic. The crew is led by Benoit Ainsley In recent days, he has been at the center of the controversy over a sail hole and the irregular design of the plate, which is why he received a warning. However, the competition rules speak for themselves in the second warning, disqualification is triggered.

The night starts at 15:15 with the challenge between Luna Rossa and Ineos UK, while the Italian crew will challenge American Magic in a draw. OA Sport offers you the full live broadcast night of the event With real-time updates so you never miss a moment from Luna Rossa’s 36th America’s Sailing Cup: Enjoy!

Photo: Luna Rossa Press

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