The Blues are so stubborn in the team’s frustration test, France demolished in the final – OA Sports

    The Blues are so stubborn in the team's frustration test, France demolished in the final - OA Sports

    Blue Foil celebrates in Plovdiv! Bulgarian leg Fencing World Cup 2022 Takes features of the national championship later Triumph results for the weekend: The success of the local fencers in today’s team event, The result paired the entire Italian podium in the singles tournament.

    The team event in the blues starts downhill with victories over Spain (45-20) Hungary (45-26). Alessio Foconi, Tommaso Marini, Daniel Garroso and Guillaume Bianchi then trim a 45-26 US in the semi-finals by presenting himself in the last chapter with a preference to predict.

    On the other side of the board France fought against Poland (45-38) And he imposes himself with a narrower advantage against the Japanese quartet (45-42). The ultimate one-way: Trans-Alpine cousins ​​are steeped in 45-28 degrees for the joy of the whole movement. Bronze for Stars and Stripes Athletes (45-42 on Japan).

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    The curtain falls on an exciting weekend: The Italian Foil Players are back to make a big sound on platforms around the world, No nation can boast such depth and at the same time perform a group of athletes. Arms Director Stefano Sirioni, To whom the great credit for the results achieved in 2022 must be taken, he is only satisfied.

    Photo: La Presse

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