The big “no” – tell her

    The big “no” – tell her

    coronation King Charles It will be a major event across the UK, with events, big and small, across the country, and big prom Scheduled for Sunday, May 7th. A full weekend of festivities that seem very difficult to organize. the reason? Many music stars decline invitations to perform, and the reason is unknown. For Carlo, another blow, given that controversies had already risen for other reasons, from the costs of the coronation, to the discontent of the population towards him.

    King Charles: Mass “No” at Coronation Ceremony

    Imagine that you are King Charles, organizing a big concert for your coronation, and a party all over the UK, with music, parades in the streets, breakfasts and lunches in the open air. And imagine it None of the big British starswhich in the past three decades has changed into various royal varieties, which has climbed in the world rankings, and who has been invited to the Palazzo to attend events of all kinds, You want to participate in your most important day.

    What exactly happens, a real unexpected nightmare: there are only two months left before the concert and concert It will be held respectively on May 6 and 7During the long weekend of festivities, there are no super guests. The organizers are racing against the clock, and the ordeals are increasing day by day. But what happens? Every artist contacted seems ‘too busy’between tours and more, however, on that particular date, none of them had a show on their schedule, and even in the past, when it came to singing for Queen Elizabeth, no commitments stood in the way of going on stage.

    Who are the artists who said ‘no’ to King Charles?

    The list of stars who said a resounding “no” to the concert for the coronation of King Charles is growing by the day. Let’s start from Elton John, always very close to the royal family, who declined the invitation, having played a concert as part of his European tour two days earlier. But will it be so? or artist who He was a great friend of Lady Dianaand very attached to Harry and William, He will never be able to perform at Camilla’s coronation?

    On tour and “unable to get his core band members together for the show” Harry Stiles: Couldn’t the artist we see constantly at all the awards, red carpets and at concerts make an exception for King Charles? The answer is no. For months, the English tabloids also certainly gave a reunion that would have truly eclipsed everyone: it is Hot girlsIncluding Victoria Beckham. In fact, the band toured in 2019 without them, and then new dates were postponed due to the pandemic. But Posh Spice would have made, according to the press, a welcome exception to the May event, however, their participation has faded away: each of them, for the time being, is engaged in individual actions, and only in the second half of the year they should announce the new tour of 2024 .

    and then? Even Adele declined the invitation, as well as Robbie Williams and Ed Sheeran, whose new album is due out this weekend. Who stays? For now, Take That, Kylie Minogue (with her sister Dannii), Andrew Lloyd Webber and Lionel Richie are sure to come, but the official announcement is expected for any last-minute surprises.

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