The Bestiary, The Leopard –

    The Bestiary, The Leopard -

    Tiger He is a mythical animal who wants to turn left to the Democratic Party without giving up his cashmere sweater.

    The Panther is a mythical being created in a laboratory and programmed to be one of the politics of the Italian left, so much so that it presents itself as a candidate to become Secretary of the Democratic Party. In fact, the merits of covering such an important role are a mystery, a bit like choosing Mattia Binotto to drive a Ferrari, but with the difference, if nothing else, that the tires were changed on Mattia in 2,2 seconds.

    On the other hand, no one took the liberty of preventing Leopard from running for the position of “secretary” of the Democratic Party, because if she only wanted to, she could Buy Pd with all Largo del Nazareno only thanks to billionaire dad’s weekly pocket money. But you know, many years ago, the richer you were, the more left-handed you were, probably trying to shake off the guilt that arises from going on vacation home in the Caribbean from April 25th to May 1st. .

    It seems that Leopard wants to suggest a new wind for the rebuilding of the Democratic Party by proposing some innovative basic concepts. Indeed, while your predecessors insisted on principles, however sacred, such as work, rights, social justice, and the environment, you instead, in a kind of Copernican revolution, insist on concepts such as work, rights, social justice, and the environment.

    But the real new thing that Al-Fahd insists on grabbing the role of “Secretary” of the Democratic Party is a decisive left turn, while being careful not to exaggerate it, as If you turn left four times, you will always return to the starting point. So Al-Fahd contemplated a collective rally, from the Unity Party volunteers who taught her to fry salami and make lemonade during the Inti Elemani party, to the heads of cooperatives who took a lot and gave nothing, even the managers of a big city that made many sacrifices to limit traffic for the benefit of the millionaires in Historical center.

    In short, it is time for Leopard to rebuild a new society without giving up on three essential points: a clear identityAnd the Just like the one who declares herself bisexual, understandable, just like the one who has three nationalities, and Knit, much like leftism but a legacy that transcends Luxembourg’s GDP.

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