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“The Best Man,” biography of Sue Robbie Williams

“Better Man”, un biopic su Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams – credit: Ddp Socialmediaservice / IPA / Fotogramma


February 23, 2021

From Giovanni Theiolis

In the summer, filming for the famous English singer begins

Photography biography assigned to Robbie Williams And the director will direct the movie Michael Grassi Already behind a camera Greatest Shoman And also a product for the latest Rocket Man, A movie dedicated to another British music star, Elton John.

A better manThis is the name of the movie, it tells about Robbie Williams’ rise to success, exploring the experiences that shaped him, as well as the demons he had to fight on and off stage as he became a big star thanks to hits like angels.

Williams rose to fame at the age of 16 as a member of the English boy band Take this, The success continued even as he decided to pursue a solo career.

Eleven of his 12 studio albums topped the UK bestseller lists. Similar success is also for live performances, as evidenced by his record: He managed to sell 1.6 million tickets for his tour in one day. The only place he did not become a star is the United States, where he decided to live long ago …

Gracey revealed that the movie was born after hours of free conversations with Williams himself. Williams’ greatest success would find a space in the movie, too. There is still no news of the possible participation in the film by Williams himself. As Gracey told Deadline, “As for how Ruby is portrayed in the movie, this part is top secret. I want to do it in a very original way.”

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Always graceful final date He explained the reasons that led him to direct this film:

“Unlike some people who were born as geniuses or musical geniuses and follow the story of the world that reaches their genius, this is not that story. Ruby is that common man who had dreams big and followed those dreams that took him to an incredible place. Because of this, her story Incredibly communicable. He is not the best singer or dancer, yet he managed to sell 80 million records worldwide. (…) What he had was the will, the vision and the confidence to say, “I will pursue my dream.” For us as an audience. It’s a window into the world, of what would happen if we tried and chased after this impossible dream that many of us put aside.

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