The band marches in the New Year’s parade » BussolaDiario

    The band marches in the New Year’s parade » BussolaDiario

    After two years, American high school marching bands are finally back to perform on Rome’s most famous streets Rome 2023 Parade: Together with lineups of Italian bands and folk bands, they will delight Roman citizens with concerts and dates in the days close to the end of the New Year.

    The highlight of Destination Events’ event, which is free to attend, is definitely the big parade on Sunday January 1, 2023: The teams will cross the so-called “trident” and then they will all gather in Piazza del Popolo to guarantee three hours of good music and fun.

    starting from 15.30 A veritable snake of marching bands will grope Via del Corso, Via Condotti, Piazza di Spagna and Via del Babuino: no less than five formations arrive in Rome from the United States for this great event: From Delaware comes Newark Charter High School Band Newark, from Alabama St. Paul’s Episcopal School Walking Saints + Amulets of saints From Mobile, from Michigan la Notre Dame Prep School Marching Band Pontiac, from Minnesota Squad Minnesota State University “Maverick Machine” Athlete attach And from Texas they come Soul Dancers of America dallas.

    Rome Parade 2023 - Rome, Italy.  2.1.2020.  Concerts, Sant'Andrea della Valle, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.  Copyright © 2020 Andrew Wiard T: +44 (0) 7973 219201 W: E:  Destination Events is licensed for unlimited use, all other rights reserved.

    Rome Parade 2023 – Rome, Italy. 2.1.2020. Copyright © 2020 Andrew Wiard. All rights reserved

    In a mix of music, international traditions and cultural contamination but always in the name of joy, associations and folk ensembles from Lazio and Piedmont will also take part in the Rome show: the folk group ‘La Frustica’ of Faleria, the Vejanese Philharmonic Association, the Fiano Romano orchestra and Giacomo Puccini’s orchestra will arrive in Città di Cave Lazio, while La Vigoneisa, a folklore ensemble from Vigone, will arrive from Piedmont.

    The Roma Parade 2022 is a popular celebration in all respects: besides music, a lot of entertainment thanks to the associations for the re-enactments of Roman history, the historical ensemble and the city of Castiglion Fiorentino, street performers Artefatti Stilts and Majorettes of Casperia, the Golden Stars of Selci and the Magical Stars of Jesolo.

    The band’s music, soulful and sparkling, gives you a good mood just by listening to it and its accompanying songs. twirling The performances of the musicians invite and engage the audience with joy! Also not to be missed is the Vespa Sidecar parade and giant balloons, which are now a signature presence of the Rome Parade.

    Rome 2023 parade logo

    Rome 2023 parade logo

    Concerts in the Roman churches of Rome Parade 2023

    But the Rome Parade is much more than a mass event on January 1, 2023: American high school bands will perform in Rome’s most beautiful basilicas and churches from From December 29, 2022 to January 2, 2023With Concerts with free admission. The proposed compositions will range from classical music to symphonic and choral music, in an exciting showcase of young talent from abroad.

    Below is the concert schedule:

    • Thursday, December 29, 202217.00In the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, prom St. Paul’s Episcopal Chorale School Mobile under the direction of Dr. Harold J. Powell Sr.
    • Thursday, December 29, 202217.00In the Church of Sant’Andrea della Valle will lead Newark Charter High School Concert Choir Under the supervision of Ms. Kelly Klein W Newark Charter High School Musical Ensemble, Under the supervision of Ms. Samantha DeLuca
    • Friday, December 30, 202219.00in a Santa Maria in Portico in Campitelli Performance is scheduled St. Paul’s Episcopal Mobile Band Under the supervision of Sir Tim Hooper and S.R. Paul’s Episcopal Chorale School With music direction by Dr. Harold J. Powell Sr.
    • Sunday, January 1, 202311.15 amIn the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracolithe expected numberYork Charters High School Musical Choir,With musical direction by Ms. Kelly Klein;
    • Sunday, January 1, 202312.15In the Church of Santa Maria in Montesantowill lead St. Paul’s Episcopal School of Mobile Under the direction of Dr. Harold J.
    • Monday, January 2, 202316.00in a pantheonthe closing ceremony of St. Paul’s Episcopal Chorale School Under the direction of Dr. Harold J.

    The renewed appointment with the Rome Parade is a wonderful opportunity for the Romans and the many tourists who flock to the capital on the occasion of the year-end festivities, to appreciate the talent and musical ability of young musicians and to experience the cares. A moment in good music education.

    The Rome Parade event is presented to the public on the occasion of the holidays by destination eventsAnd the which is evenly regulated London New Year’s Parade from London.

    more information:

    For more information and updates about the Rome Parade, about the program, about the parade route and concerts in the churches, you are advised to refer to the official website of Rome parade.

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