The awesome trick is to use it even without a number

    The awesome trick is to use it even without a number

    Few know that there is a simple trick to use WhatsApp even without a number or at least not to share it with other users of the messaging platform.

    Let’s find out how to take advantage of this possibility that allows you to better protect your privacy.

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    to Use WhatsAppIt is known to all, you have to use a mobile Number. It is a prerequisite for using the most popular instant messaging platform in the world. After installing WhatsApp, the app can also be used without a SIM card. To register and thus start using WhatsApp, it is necessary Indicate a valid mobile phone number at our disposal.

    In fact, after installing WhatsApp, the company’s app owned by Meta (formerly Facebook) sends a verification text message. Or, alternatively, make a call to the indicated phone number. A procedure that always checks that the indicated mobile user is actually managed by the user who requested to use WhatsApp.

    One of the most frequently asked questions is whether this is possible Still using whatsapp without number. There can be many reasons for wanting to use the app without a number. Users sometimes want to protect their privacy without sharing mobile numbers where they can be constantly harassed by hordes of harassers.

    This is a question that, strictly speaking, can only receive a negative answer: no resounding. No phone numbers, no parties! Without a phone number you cannot use WhatsApp. It wasn’t always this way. until’August 2021 In fact, WhatsApp allowed you to enter, the recording time, a landline number (with the prefix 0 in Italy). How was it verified? Since it was not possible to send text messages to landline numbers, this was enough stress Call me To receive a voice call from WhatsApp and receive a confirmation code.

    Using WhatsApp without a number: How do we do it?

    Since then things have changed. If we follow the same procedure and now indicate a landline phone number when registering, WhatsApp will reply with a message like this. This is the indicated number “It is not a valid mobile number for Italy”.

    To bypass registration in WhatsApp many people turn to gods Online services that offer mobile phone numbers. These are the platforms that provide cell phone numbers single use, Ie “disposable”. However, similar platforms are not recommended, since the same numbers are shared by multiple users

    Then there are some Applications which, upon payment of a monthly or annual fee, Provide mobile phone numbers. Finally, there is the simplest and most direct way to use WhatsApp without a number (or better yet, use it without necessarily having to share your mobile phone number). Just turn to WhatsApp for business.

    what is he talking about? Just issue the instant messaging app for professionals and businesses. In this case, WhatsApp also accepts registrations made using landline phone numbers.

    WhatsApp Business: How do you sign up?

    How do you sign up for WhatsApp Business? As before, during registration, WhatsApp will display the usual error message when we refer to a landline phone number: We were unable to send an SMS to your number.

    At this point, all we have to do is press OK, and then click OK. Call meThus receiving a call from WhatsApp. After that, you will need to complete the procedure Enter the 6-digit code As requested.

    At this point, the question that can arise automatically is: but if it is still necessary to enter a fixed number, what advantage do we have in terms of privacy? Doesn’t the fixed number make the user clearer? There is a fairly simple answer to these types of questions. There is actually deItalian VoIP Service Providers (Messagenet and orchestra) that give possibility Activate free fixed geographic numbers (with prefix 0). As far as the orchestra is concerned, at the moment the number can only be used for free for the first year.

    After creating a file VoIP number that you can easily configure on your mobile device. Once I entered the Internet number On the WhatsApp Business recording screen, it’s a The registration procedure will be successful. WhatsApp Business first of all requires you to enter your data and offers you the possibility to create a catalog of products and services for use by your business.

    The business version of WhatsApp allows professionals, freelancers, and small businesses to sell directly from the messaging app without relying on e-commerce.

    WhatsApp Business: how it works

    by clicking on Not now yesI can also put off entering any additional information until later. In this way, we will have a version of WhatsApp connected to a landline number that can eventually be disconnected so that it is not reached by unwanted and unwanted calls. WhatsApp Business can also be reactivated on a smartphone, desktop or router FRITZ! Box or any other SIP-compliant VoIP device.

    The business version of WhatsApp will rely on your locally stored address book (after granting permissions) and will immediately allow you to send and receive messages, attachments and calls.

    WhatsApp Business is a standalone application and therefore can be installed on the same mobile device with the “normal” version of WhatsApp (ie the traditional version). Also by accessing Settings and selecting account, change the number You can too Change the calling phone number.

    WhatsApp Business also supports the multi-device feature. So it is possible to send and receive WhatsApp messages without a phone. So even if the main cell phone is turned off, can’t be reached, or is on airplane mode.

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