The authors reconfirm the dubbing languages, Italian is present –

    The authors reconfirm the dubbing languages, Italian is present –

    The official account of Atomic heart Confirm all languages ​​into which the game will be translated, and also among them Italian. We are talking not only about translation, but also about dubbing.

    It all started from the exchange that happened Twitter. One user, in response to a video that lets you hear the English dub, asked if a Russian dub is available. The official account decapitated the bull and referenced all languages ​​of the game.

    As you can see below o to this addressthe dubbing It will be available in English, French, German, Spanish (Spain), Russian, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Italian. The only languages ​​excluded are Japanese and Korean, as well as Traditional Chinese. Instead, the texts will be present in all the languages ​​mentioned.

    Italian dubbing, nowadays, is not a very obvious thing, especially for a game that cannot count on a publisher like Sony or Nintendo. in many cases, The problem of the Italian players It’s the complete lack of introductory language, given the absence of Italian translation also in some video games.

    Obviously, a lot will depend on it The quality of the voice acting And at the moment we have no confirmation to that effect, but the fact that Atomic Hearts has taken an interest in the Italian’s proposal is indeed a good omen.

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