The attack on Vigan: d. Citro Ld. Spider and Roman Correspondence

      The attack on Vigan: d.  Citro Ld.  Spider and Roman Correspondence

    Remember the important message from Archbishop Vigan To the bishops of the United States? Corrispondenza Romana website, directed by Prof. Roberto De Mattei, had later hosted the opinion of Dr. Spyder, with the aim of criticizing what Archbishop Vigan has said about vaccines.

    Today we publish the important Reply by Dr. Massimo Citro To the physician’s assurances, preceded by a letter from the Archbishop. We invite you to Watch it in original pdf format, also for the many rich notes the text contains. Enjoy reading.


    December 15thOnly in the Italian section of the site Roman Correspondence, article by pediatrician Gwyneth A. spider with whom they will be spiral shape refute my statements on A ‘vaccine’ for Covid, contained in the letter I sent to the bishops Americans And to those who pray for the faith On October 23 2021.

    I think that Those who are familiar with my writings and their diligence I knowthis, no I’m used to making claims full of dangersAnd do not take positions on controversial issues without documenting myself deeplyE: This is required by the seriousness of impartial criticism and the authority of my role as Archbishop, as well as the respect of my interlocutors. Whether I am talking about issues of rigorous doctrinal or moral relevance, or whether I am only addressing topics related to religion indirectly, I believe that I have not escaped healthy criticism or debate, precisely because I am convinced that truth does not belong to anyone. But it can express itself Sometimes it becomes clearer Thanks for honest comparison with those who have different ideas. It teaches us as evidence of the wisdom of the Church DiscussionMy teacher, noticeably disappeared after the complex.

    In a certain case of farce mental epidemic The covid vaccination campaignAnd I had the opportunity to inform me Consult with accredited physicians and scientists, to read and investigate those aspects which, for understandable reasons, do not represent the direct competence of those unfamiliar with the subject matter. As soon as I had an idea of ​​it, I considered it my duty as Patron and Successor of the Apostles to send a message to my American brothers and for CDF, in which she highlighted the critical importance of experimental genetic serum from the point of view of efficacy and safety, as well as from the point of view of ethical legitimacy.

    Dr.’s article. spider He did not in any way refute my arguments, he merely repeated them script who – which Big Pharma Kindly supply its dealers, model questions and answers repeatedly RequestedQuestions made available by each company to customers.

    For this reason, given that the alleged refusal came from a doctor, I thought it appropriate to step aside, and to ask Dr. Massimo Citro DrElla Riva is a talented physician and author of publications on the epidemic, including: the end of the world, is about to be printed. So it will be dr. citrus from Riva To answer the merits of d. spider, With the skills and knowledge of who is clearly Title over me insciplina. I want to make it clear December 21 last sent The message from Dr. What is Citro Della Riva? Roman Correspondence, which have not yet been published, as required and due. That’s why I wanted to share it with a church fighter, leaving readers to rate the content, and in light of this, the gaps and inaccuracies in Dr. spider.

    I’m sorry I say this with regret to those who met a manager Roman Correspondence In the times when it was Appreciated As a reliable conservative Catholic thinker Which De Mattei ventured into a minefield, giving himself to give here Media support for pandemic narrative, purported efficacy and safetyAnd not dangerous and legality of serum genes. And I am even more sorry that, in doing so, I relied on a pen Gwyneth A. spiderAnd A person who does not appear completely impartial, but rather displays multiple conflicts of interest either for his or her professional training or for relationships with John Hopkins Universityand the IQVIA Where does her husband Jeffrey work? spider. I leave it to reporters to investigate the role of his father, George Weigl, a famous neo-conservativeJohn Paul II biographer and site on the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) Project for the New American Century, together Among other things a Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld pocket to push.

    It seems to me that the involvement of dr. spider, at least in relation to his relatives, reveals an ideological affinity with clearly identifiable political environments, which I don’t know how well they are. Di mate, who Lepanto Foundation The headquarters is located in Washington. It will be the case that the manager Roman Correspondence head Lepanto Foundation, who repeatedly called me not to deal with political and medical issues, made his position clear and was the first practicing Catholic by example transparency and Consistency in avoiding odd approximations.

    Having said that, let me be dr. Citro to refute the arguments of d. spider.

    + Carlo Maria Vigan, archbishop

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